You’ve Never Heard of Military Spouse Appreciation Day?!

daisy-75190_640Guest Contribution by Elizabeth Alvarez

May is a beautiful month.  A wonderful month.  31 days that means many things to many people.  For me, it has always been a busy month growing up, family birthdays and the like.  But I think, amongst the personal celebrations of May, Armed Forces Day, and the unofficial start of summer with Memorial Day, one day in particular gets lost in the shuffle.

About two years ago, I made a Facebook status update to all my MilSpouse friends to have a happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  And I thanked them for being honest, faithful, and true while holding down the fort while our guys and gals are gone.  Granted, I had a few likes on that status, but I had a friend who was like, “What is THAT?!?!?”  Apparently, she had never heard of such a day.

Back in the day, it used to be called Ombudsman Day, which celebrated those who were the liaison between the commands and the families.  But I think each and every MilSpouse is a link to their other half’s command.  Whether you are an FRG member, the Skipper’s Wife, or the new kid on the block who is at your first military command, you don’t need just one day to be recognized (which, by the way, is normally celebrated the Friday before Mother’s Day) to know that you are appreciated.

Last year, as I was commemorating Military Spouse Appreciation Day on Facebook, I saw another friend comment

“I was looking for a card.  I found many Mother’s Day cards.  There were many birthday cards.  There were many get well and sympathy cards.  But I asked for a Military Spouse Appreciation Day card.  They store clerk knew of no such holiday.”  

Honestly, there isn’t a card in existence that can truly express our support and love for military spouses.  Coming from a military family myself, I know that these women and men (can’t forget about the male spouses, too!) do so much for their spouse’s command, the military community, and for their families.

So, to all MilSpouses, whether your family is active or retired, enjoy your day of recognition.  I have always said that the MilSpouses are the toughest, strongest people out there.  Not that many people can do what you lovely ladies and fine gentlemen can do.  Remain strong and know that every day is Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

elizabethElizabeth Alvarez is a seasoned military pro.  Born on an Air Force base, Army brat, and now Navy vet, she truly has seen it all.  While she is not busy earning her Bachelors of Science degree in Information Technology, she cares for her two cute but rotten bunnies, Lola and Babbs.  After living the nomadic life of a military brat and as a military servicemember, she currently resides in Chesapeake, VA.


  1. I’d not heard of it before this year.

    Thank you for the sentiments, and thank you for your own service.


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