6 Simple and Awesome Ways Your Service Member Can ‘Lean In’ at Home


Repeat after me: your spouse can ‘lean in’ at home so you can ‘lean in’ to your career.

Even if they are on deployment.

Even if they work long hours.

Even if they have weekend duty.

Despite the demanding nature of the military, don’t be fooled into thinking that your service member can’t help you achieve your career goals. Don’t sell your spouse short. Don’t assume that they don’t care about your professional goals and dreams.

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Leaning in at home can be one simple task that your service member does weekly so that you can spend a little more time doing your thang. Seriously, these little tasks will help you.

Wondering what he or she can do at home to help you lean in at work? Here are 6 ways my husband leans in at home so I can lean in at work.

6 Simple Ways Your Service Member Can ‘Lean In’ at Home So You Can Lean into Your Career

Feed You When You’re Hungry

Because I work from home, you would think I have the time to prep for dinner. On the contrary, I typically get stuck in front of my computer later in the day than my husband.

If it weren’t for him taking the lead some nights, we wouldn’t eat at all.

I get in the zone so much that I’m guilty of eating lunch at my desk. By having a meal ready for me, my husband helps me keep productive and not to mention, enjoy time off with him when we have the chance.

Vacuum Without Being Asked

Again, the same thing about working from home….We have a cat and you can imagine how much hair can accumulate around the house. Not only vacuuming, but it’s awesome to get other household chores done without feeling guilty because homework is keeping you up late or you have a client meeting in town. Doing household chores here and there opens up more time for career development for you and keeps your plate clear of potential setbacks.

Listen When You Feel Like Venting

Most of the time, I have a pretty positive mindset.

But, sometimes I need to vent.

As much as I don’t want to admit it, I do encounter a lot of challenges that stump or have me feeling hopeless. His listening has helped me get through some hiccups. Even though he might not be able to give me answers (our career fields are SO different), he still tries and really I don’t need answers, just a hug sometimes.

Encouragement When You Need to Feel Appreciated

My husband tells me he is proud of me and that truly gives me the warm and fuzzies.

It’s awesome to get that acknowledgement from his colleagues as well. For example, at his re-enlistment ceremony, his re-enlistment officer commented on my endeavors. Apparently, my husband talks about me at work (i.e. working from home, volunteer efforts, grad school, etc.) It is pretty cool to get encouragement from my husband’s military family too, especially when it was a day to celebrate him. Heck, yes!

Surprises for Your Home Office

I don’t LOVE surprises, but when my husband brings home something that can enhance what I do in the workplace, sweet!

Not too long ago, he got me a wireless mouse. I know, I know, it doesn’t sound romantic, but if you have been in my home office, you would know I have a wires problem.

Co-Work as a Couple

It can be done! My office has a couch in it and when my husband has some homework (we’re both going to school at the same time), he’ll grab his laptop and we’ll co-work. My husband and I are a team afterall, so there is something fulfilling being together to get ‘er done together.

How does your service member ‘lean in’ at home so that you can be more productive and empowered with your career?


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