You don’t like me? So, what?

Two Friends Whispering Secrets in the Ear.

I saw this post earlier this week on Google+:

“How do you make TRUE friends when you move?”

Being as I’ll be moving to a new place in, oh, 60ish days, I got to thinking …

How many of us have agonized over moving to a new place and whether we’d make new friends? How many of us have gone overboard with trying to get people to like us? And then cried because we still feel alone and on the outside?

*raises hand*

And yet, I think we’re looking at this all wrong …

(I feel like I’m holding on to the secret of the universe right now.)


It’s OK if not everyone likes you; It’s OK to not like everyone.

It’s not worth the energy to try to like everyone. And it’s certainly not worth the energy to wish everyone liked you. Having one (or two, or three) people who don’t like you doesn’t make you a bad person – it makes you not their type of person.

We’ve all met people that we just click with. And we’ve all met people who we just do NOT click with at all. And that’s OK. It takes all kinds, and all that.

Let me say it again: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with not liking someone. It’s a fact of life. As adults, we spend so much time comparing ourselves and trying to get others to like us when we should be focusing on more important things – like our families, our children, ourselves.


Instead of trying to FORCE relationships, why don’t you just be YOU and see who shows up? Those people are the real friends.

Why put in the effort when it’s not appreciated? All you end up doing is feeling used.

(Can I get an “Amen”)?

I had a relationship coach tell me once that in order to find “The ONE”, I had to meet approximately 100 who were NOT the ONE.

One could equate friendships to that. For every 100 people you meet, you’ll only find ONE who will be there for you through anything and everything.

That’s not to say that you won’t connect with others or that you won’t find great friends. But you may only find a few that you truly connect with on a deeper level. Or you may not find any this time around. And that’s OK!

Stop trying to find THAT ONE great, true friendship with every move. Just stop. It’s exhausting.

Besides, with the internet these days, the true friends you’ve already connected with are just a click away.

Stop stressing. Be you. And if someone doesn’t like it, tell them to suck it just count them as a step to finding the good ones.


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