You Are Appreciated More Than You Could Possibly Know

by Randi Cairns, Guest Contributor

Hey you, sweet mama.

It’s Military Spouse Appreciation Day, but I’m sure you’ve figured that out already. There are luncheons and town hall meetings and teas and award ceremonies and galas.

And you’re not there.

Dear Military Spouse, You Are Appreciated More Than You Could Possibly Know

You’re not there because those kinds of fabulousness also require babysitting and wardrobes and plane tickets and understanding bosses and husbands who are in the same time zone as you and the ability to clone yourself.

So instead, you’re home scrolling your Facebook feed and feeling like you’re missing the party.

I’m here to tell you that you are not “less than” those wonderful women sharing the festivities via social media.

Sure, they’re in business suits and cute pumps. You’re in sweatpants and a ponytail.

They’re having lunch with senior wives and joint chiefs. You’re picking up Cheerios off the floor and eating sandwich crusts and your kids’ cast-offs from their plates and calling it a meal.

They’re taking meetings and networking. You’re negotiating a contract by phone while making the international please-be-quiet-Mommy-is-on-a-work-call gesture to the children who magically know when to up the volume on their play.

So what? This day is YOURS.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is a celebration of the fact that each day you wake up and

  • care for your little ones and
  • tend to your home and
  • work your job and
  • go to school and
  • volunteer in your community and
  • lend your loved one to your country.

Rock your days, mama.

You are seen.

You are appreciated more than you could possibly know.

And I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Those wonderful women?

When they slip off those cute pumps and head back home?

They’re coming home to sandwich crust lunches and Cheerio covered floors and interrupted work calls too.

Randi head shotAs a military spouse for over two decades and a mother of four, Randi knows firsthand the challenges of military families both when their loved ones are deployed and when they are home. Randi is the Founder and Executive Director at Home Front Hearts, a nonprofit organization serving New Jersey’s military families. She currently serves on the Military Family Advisory Network’s Advisory Board. When she’s not busy advocating for military families, she’s a closet writer. She is a co-author of Stories Around the Table and has guest blogged for Spouse Buzz, Homefront United Network and MFAN. Her favorite gig is parenting the world’s greatest children.


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