Working out while PCSing?!?! It CAN be done.

active-84646_640PCS season is a whole new level of “busy.” It’s Busy: Level 1 Million; It’s “busy” on steroids.

So, how on Earth do you find time to workout when you’re packing boxes, deep cleaning the house, and keeping the kids (and pets) entertained? And then, overseeing the moving process, living out of a hotel, and keeping everyone sane?

Well … you don’t. Not exactly, anyway.

Instead of trying to find time to hit the gym, turn what you’re doing into your workout.

  • Packing boxes? Do a few squats every time you fill a box.
  • Deep cleaning the house? Turn on some tunes and dance while you clean.
  • Need to entertain the kids? Take them outside for a game of kickball or catch or tag. Not only will it count as exercise for you, but it will (hopefully) wear them out, too.

Staying Fit In Transit

What about after all the packing is done? Especially if you’re traveling a lot or stuck in a hotel?

If you’re spending a lot of time in the airport, check out the USO lounges. Many of them allow you to check your carry on luggage so you don’t have to drag it around the airport. If you have time, drop off your luggage and then take a few laps around the terminal.

If you’re driving, make sure you stop frequently for a 10-15 minute walk to combat all the sitting. Run around with the kids or the dog.

Don’t forget – you don’t need fancy equipment to get a good workout.

Do what you can with what you’ve got. Just remember – it’s easier to find time than it is to start over again. Even just 15 minutes can boost your mood, relieve stress and leave you feeling better about yourself.


  1. Love these, Jessica! I’ve been thinking of my current move as a box-lifting excuse to skip the gym. I’ve always been a skeptic of workout DVDs, preferring circuit training at the gym, but I picked up a 30-day series with only 20-minute daily workouts, and it’s been a really easy way to break up the unpacking and get out some of the stress. Plus it’s insanely quick, so I don’t feel like I’m losing too much time. And it’s helped me set up a workout routine for my new post so that I don’t sink into a pattern of laziness until the next PCS.

    • Love it, Aileen! Quick workouts are perfect – especially ones you can just pop in the DVD player when you need a little “break” from packing/unpacking/etc. And YES, setting up a workout routine for when you get on the other side is a GREAT way to avoid the post-move laziness. You got this, girl! 🙂


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