How to Make Working from Home Work for You

Here are my 5 work from home commandments to help me conquer my to-do list every day.

Regular 9-to-5 office workers always seem to bring up that they don’t know how they could ever get out of their pajamas or be productive, if they worked from home.

Well, I can tell you I’m wearing daytime clothes and I’m feeling refreshed and excited for my day. Working from home does take some getting used to, but I’ve been doing alright working from home for the last 3 years.

To me, being in a home office has a lot more perks than downsides. But, I know how those downsides can really drag you down.

That’s why I abide by 5 work from home commandments to help me conquer my to-do list every day.

Here are my 5 work from home commandments to help me conquer my to-do list every day.

Work from Home Commandment #1 — I shall treat each morning as I always have.

Although my commute went from a 30-minute train ride to a 3-second walk down the hall, I still get up as if I’m getting ready to leave the house. I’ve been tempted so many times to keep what I have on or stay in bed till the last absolute second, but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t really help.

The extra time that I would spend commuting is spent having a balanced breakfast and I’m able to do some house errands that wouldn’t get done otherwise. By the time I sit down at my desk, I’ve already accomplished a lot.

Work from Home Commandment 2 — I shall do my work in my office.

It is comforting for me to have a designated office space. For me, it’s important to set up an environment for my productivity.

My home office is adorned with everything that reminds me of my previous offices, along with a canvas cut-out of the view looking outside of a high-rise window in New York City. It is a tribute to all the things that have helped me in my career and life, including a painted wood piece of Yankee Stadium that appeals to my fandom.

Work from Home Commandment 3 — I shall stick to an established schedule.

I always felt connected to work even when I was going to a separate office building because of my cell phone. I’m guilty of checking it more times than I should…imagine working in the same place that you lay your head to rest!

I felt like my work never ended.

Setting office hours allowed me to manage my time better and make the most of my non-working time with my spouse.

Work from Home Commandment 4 — I will allow myself to occasionally work outside my home office.

Having a dedicated office space is crucial to me, but also the time spent working at a coffee shop with a change of scenery is beneficial as well. I have a relatively creative career, so it’s important to keep the creativity flowing.

Every once in awhile, grabbing a cup of my favorite coffee and working a couple hours away is refreshing! I absolutely love co-working and the ability to sit down with another human being is valuable to me too.

Pro-tip: Schedule time to work outside your typical space to stimulate your productivity.

Work from Home Commandment 5 — I shall take frequent breaks and eat lunch away from my laptop.

Even when I was in an office, I felt like I could never leave it. But, I felt more productive after taking a walk down the block on my lunch break. When you’re working at home, you don’t have to leave the house to get things done, but think about yourself every now and then and use some time to do things for you.

Whether it is that walk around the block for reflection or a lunch date with a friend, taking a break in your work day offers a break from the monotony, especially when nothing else would take you outside the home.

What are your rules that make working from home work for you? Share your tips in the comments section. 



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