Why Social Media and Web Management Careers Are Perfect For Military Spouses


Waiting for the perfect military-friendly job can take a while. Many military spouses are making their own opportunities to achieve the holy grail: portable and/or remote employment. One group of trailblazing spouses are making names for themselves in social media and web management.

Fortunately, today’s online platforms offer military spouses plenty of opportunities to be their own boss. Whether it’s Amazon Marketplace, Etsy, or social media, military spouses are putting online platforms to work for them.

What are Social Media and Web Management?

In many ways, helping others with their brands and web presence is the latest version of a very old profession. What is a dynamic Instagram presence or an easily-navigable web site but a modern-day town crier? Simply put, a social media and web management consultant helps businesses cultivate their online presence.

A Rewarding Freedom for Military Spouses

Working for small businesses presents a particularly rich opportunity for military spouses who want to work in social media and web management. Small business owners are often preoccupied with day-to-day operations. Consequently, owners can be eager to hire help to get the word out about their business or product.

Military spouse Daphne Lindsay is a Digital Media Consultant for small businesses. She also helps them with social media advertising and photography. While the field of digital marketing can feel very abstract, social media and web managers for small businesses can make a concrete difference.

“I love my job,” Daphne says. “I can still do meaningful work by providing needed services to small businesses who might not have the time to dedicate to digital media marketing, while also having the freedom to adjust my schedule to be available to my family when they need me.”

Freedom is a key benefit of social media and web management; Daphne touts it as a definite advantage to being a Digital Media Consultant:

“Working as a digital media consultant has given me so much freedom as a military spouse! I can work from home – or anywhere else we happen to end up,” she says.
“I set my own deadline driven schedule – and can work ahead on many of my projects – giving me the flexibility to match my time off with my husband’s (even his unexpected time off!).”

That adjustability is often the nature of doing online marketing for clients. “I can and have “brought” many of clients with me when we’ve moved,” Daphne says. “And there are always businesses looking for a little help managing their social media.”

Build Your Portfolio

Freelance work for small businesses – helping them with their social media accounts or writing web copy – may be many military spouses’ professional end goal. However, spouses who have ambitions to do social and web copy in the business or nonprofit worlds can also benefit.

Social media and web management for small businesses gives military spouses an opportunity to develop a portfolio. When they apply to be on the social media team for that political campaign, corporation, or 501-C(3), military spouses can avoid the dreaded resume gap. They can present prospective employers with Tweets, Instagram posts, SEO blog posts, or Facebook videos for other organizations or businesses.

Get Started with Social Media and Web Management

It may sound obvious, but you can’t be a social media professional with no professional social media presence. Prospective clients and employers will want to see samples of your social media work. If you’re just starting out and haven’t had any clients yet, you can at least show them your public-facing social media accounts to get an idea of your brand and capabilities.

Put something in your social bio to indicate you are open for business as a content professional. Make sure you highlight and share your relevant accomplishments and posts (that you have permission to share) on social media. If businesses don’t start lining up around the block for your services, consider volunteer blogging or social media management to gain experience and create samples.

Finally, you’ll have to network. Patronize small businesses in your area and online; see what kind of social and web presence they currently have.  If the opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with the owners. Let them know your deal and if they’re interested, have a business card at the ready!

Social media and web marketing can be the ideal hustle for an Internet-savvy military spouse with a creative streak, whether you’re just getting started or have professional experience in the field.


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