If You’re A Milspouse On Social Media Here’s How To Make Money With Amazon


Join any military spouse Facebook group, or search any military spouse hashtag on Instagram, and your bound to see our community sharing things they’ve purchased or making product suggestions.

From crafts, recipes, to care packages, and PCS moves, military families are some of the biggest Amazon shoppers because of the variety of products, and their famous Prime two-day shipping.

While you’re probably familiar with those things, what you may not know is that many everyday people who’ve amassed a following on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube are now earning money from their recommendations with the “Amazon Influencer Program“.

What is The Amazon Influencer Program?

The Amazon Influencer program allows social media users to compile all their favorite Amazon products on their own digital storefront page for FREE! This allows you to create categories of products. For instance, if your audience is military spouses you could have categories such as: PCS’ing, Care Packages, and Military Gifts.

Anytime you try something new and want to recommend it, simply add it to the category lists on your storefront. With one link anyone can have access to all your recommendations.

Amazon also gives you your own link (https://www.amazon.com/shop/insertusernamehere) to use which means you can easily send to followers who are always asking “where did you get that?”.

Do I Get Paid?

Yes! When you promote your link and someone makes a qualifying purchase you will earn a commission on that sale. Commissions range from 1%-10% depending on the type of product. There’s also flat rate commissions when followers sign up for things like Amazon Prime, Amazon Wedding Registry, and Amazon Business through your link. These can range from $1-$15.

During the setup process you’ll be be presented with several payment options that include Amazon gift-cards, Direct Deposit, or a check.

Amazon also provides a reporting dashboard so you can see items purchased and data related to any sale made through your social channels.

Whose Eligible To Sign Up As An Amazon Influencer?

Anyone with an active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube can apply to be an Amazon Influencer. Amazon will vet the profile you applied with based on engagement levels, metrics, and the type of content you share. Since the inception of the program the requirements have eased up. As long as you post frequently and people engage, you shouldn’t have any issue getting approved.

Why Is This Perfect for Military Spouses?

As a person who makes their money working as a military spouse content creator and affiliate links, passive income is everything to me. Because the military lifestyle has you on nomad status often, any method of earning income that is passive and authentic is the perfect option for us.

The Amazon Influencer program gives you the opportunity to set up a one page store without the tech background, and the only thing you have to do is add products when you’d like. The link to your store can be shared on your IG profiles, in conversations on FB and in person making this an awesome form of portable passive income that fits into the military lifestyle.

In a lifestyle that can sometimes cause you to hold off on your creative outlets, Amazon has created a way for you to make money off of something that you most likely do frequently—shop!

How much you make depends on factors like how much you promote your link, but the opportunities are endless and while you may not choose where you’ll be able to live, you should be able to have a say in how much money you can make.

Join the Amazon Influencer Program.


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