Why I’m Never DITY Moving Again


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was my first and last time doing a DITY move.

I’ll admit that it was the best decision for us this time around. It was only roughly $400 including gas for us to rent a truck for travel from NYC to Northern Virginia. Also, the only big furniture we moved was my bed, one set of dresser drawers, and my (extremely heavy, which I just found out at the time of the move) dining room table. We didn’t have very much because my husband was coming from barracks living and I was living with room mates that contributed to the apartment furniture.

My husband and I picked up our mini-moving truck and double parked it on my street. A really good friend of mine helped us by staying with the truck and packed things in there good, while we moved my items out of the apartment. The morning lined up nicely. I was okay for the most part bringing the lighter goods down three flights. I have to give A LOT of credit to my husband for taking the heavy boxes. It must have been the adrenaline because he was able to do it on his own without my help.

Even with only a handful of large things, it proved to be a challenge to move down three narrow flights of stairs! I really struggled with the big furniture. My husband only had me to help out and I had to buck up and carry some of the heaviest things I’ve ever carried! The dining room table took a great deal of damage. At first, it wouldn’t seamlessly fit out my door! We had to turn it sideways upside down…then had to do it over and over again as we brought it down the stairs. Ugh, it was the most horrible thing. It almost pains me again to talk about it again!

We hit our first hour detour when we took a route into Manhattan. It goes to show that we couldn’t take the Harlem River Expressway with a commercial vehicle. We had no idea…. Then, we had to cut through Harlem and drive down to the Lincoln Tunnel, which was about 100 NYC blocks away. It. took. so. long!

Once we broke through and got on the highway, our next challenge was find a weigh station. We did lots of online research to only discover that NYC doesn’t really have a lot of weigh stations. We decided to do that on the way and just weigh the empty truck when we unload in Virginia (my husband was told it didn’t matter when you weighed it, before or after loading). We went to a truck rest station and asked some really friendly truckers to discover that I-95 doesn’t have a lot of the appropriate weigh stations we need, but we did have an opportunity to go off the expressway and find one. There goes the second hour detour….

Anyway, seven hours later, we finally made it to Virginia (it really should have been about 4.5 hours). I’m bruised and beaten from moving my furniture out of my apartment and we now have to haul it all in our new apartment. It was all a blur at that point, but the job was done.

Next time, for the peace of mind and considering we’ve doubled our furniture load already(!), we’re going to let the military move us. No way I’m going to move out the couch set we just got!


  1. I absolutely HATE moving myself. One would think because I’ve done it several times in the last few years after having the military move me ALL MY LIFE, I’d have gotten rid of a LOT, but I haven’t. Thankfully, this time, I can move a little at a time and set up the new apartment as we go. But it’s still a pain!! Props to you for doing it on your own!

    • I’ve moved myself a whole lot too! After this, I think it helped that my family had some great experiences with military moves. We’ll see how my experience will be when we move out of Virginia because it sure does seem like people are passionate about not using military movers!

  2. Uh I rather move my own things and be reimbursed. I hear the army can lose or break some of people’s things. At least when we move our stuff we know it will be there same day we are.

  3. Yes moving yourself is a pain in the Butt…BUT still 100 times better than having the Military move you! We had our Belongings STOLEN and BROKEN and more than 4 years later we are still fighting over our claim because the military doesn’t want to give us 1 dime towards replacement/repair cost!

    Think about that and ask yourself if you want to go through that or rather move some furniture yourself!

    Needless to say filing a claim and doing it right is a pain in the butt too, as no one will really help you with it or give you the right instructions to do so…

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. Before I married a military man, my father was in the service. We military moved more than 8 times (more before I was born) and we only had an instance with our furniture getting banged up from one of our international moves, but other than that, I’m truly grateful for all the comments because it really does puts things in perspective.

  4. I guess I’m in the minority here, but I would never willingly move myself ever again! If you pay attention to the paperwork before signing it (if the movers say something is damaged when it isn’t) then you shouldn’t have any problems. And if you do catch the movers doing ANYTHING you don’t approve of……make sure you report them. They have a contract with the military, and I’m sure they get paid a pretty penny for moving us. If complaints start rolling in, heads will soon follow 😉 On our overseas move, we had some damage to furniture, it could not have been easier to file a claim and get our money. We took pictures of the damage, my husband went to some website for claims, and we got a check a few weeks later. I’m so sorry though to everyone who’s had horrendous experiences with the military movers, it’s stressful enough!!

    • Thanks for your comment Melissa! Moving in general is stressful! And those that had other people damage their stuff, I can only imagine their opinion to be passionate. My family had good experiences with military moves (I was a brat and my dad was in for 20+ years!) and I’m ready to experience it myself as a spouse. 🙂

  5. Doing it yourself is a pain? No wonder the military is a group of pc wussies now. I moved myself, get a grip is not that difficult, and was wayyy over paid to do so. Made about 3000$ taking my stuff on a 6 hour uhaul ride. That’s worth it if you ask me.


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