Who Needs More Money When You Can Have Discipline?

Uncle Sam Quote

Well said, Sgt. Maj. Barrett.

While your counterparts in charge of the other armed services expressed concern for their service members when it came to lowering pay and benefits you spoke the hard, cold truth: Less pay makes for more disciplined Marines.  According to an article from the Marine Corps Times, Sgt. Maj. Barrett believes he has the answer to an out of control defense budget.

Our service members don’t need to be coddled, living the good life. They are just war machines waiting to go into battle to feed their thirst for a good fight.

Sgt. Maj. states that we’ve never “had it so good.” That a “lower quality of life” would be good for the military.

I couldn’t agree more.

Remember Ketchup Gate 2013? Service members make so much money that we just throw it all away on 15 different choices of ketchup. Why not, it’s there?

Single service members shouldn’t be able to afford to go out on a Friday night, that’s how they get in trouble. We should give them just enough money to pay their bills and afford basic necessities. Rather than going out, they should simply be on the ready in their barracks cleaning their weapons, reciting the Rifleman’s Creed. Disciplined.

And don’t get me started on how married service members are turning the military into an entitlement based organization!

Your spouse is sick and needs treatment, bah! Just give them some Motrin and tell them to toughen up. Having modern military treatment facilities and healthcare is what helped get us into this financial mess anyway. As soon as the word got out about Tricare, men and women were clamoring to try and find themselves a service member to marry and take advantage of this system.

Speaking of spouses and families, if the military wanted you to be married they would have issued spouses. Instead, spouses and children are draining the funds from the defense budget by using the Commissary to afford food and the Child Development Centers for child care. Why buy fresh fruit and vegetables when families used to survive on Ramen and grilled cheese. Seriously spouses? You can put back most of what’s in your grocery cart, it’s just not necessary… you spoiled thing you.

Oh, what’s that you say? Your spouse has served 5 times overseas in the last 6 years. That’s nice. That’s what they signed up for! When they enlisted, they didn’t care that you would have a roof over your head or that you could go to the hospital if you injured yourself while they were gone. You must be mistaken if you really thought that. New enlistees are just interested in being that tough looking guy on the poster.

Let’s get real here and sum this all up. With about 57% of the military reporting that they do not have any difficulty in making ends meet each month, I think we need to see if we can bring that number down even more.

Who’s ready to get started?



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