What You Need To Know About Sequestration

First off let’s define sequestration in really easy terms. Sequestration is mandatory budget cuts. Sequestration will mean huge cuts in spending; this year alone sequestration will cause over 80 billion less to be spent. It also means up to 800,00 DoD employees will be subject to 22 days of furlough starting March 1st and lasting through September 2013.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering how sequestration might affect your budget and you might not have time to pour over super long articles.  Don’t worry, I did you a favor and broke it all down for you.

Sequestration: The Good News & The Bad News

Military Pay

The good news:  Active duty military paychecks will remain untouched.

The bad news:  There is still talk of potential cuts to the military.


The good news:  You still have insurance.

The bad news:  Tricare is slated to be cut by 3 billion dollars.  Clinics will more than likely be understaffed and have shorter hours because of the furlough of DoD employees. You also may not be able to get elective care.

On-base Shopping

The good news: The Exchange will not be affected.

The bad news:  The commissary will be closed on Wednesdays during the entirety of the furlough. (UPDATE: commissaries will be closed 1 day a week, and the day depends on your location. Your local commissary will have signs with the new hours).

Child Care

The good news: Your still have access to installation child care.

The bad news:  Some CDC locations will also be affected by the sequestration, they may have shorter hours, depending on the staff at the particular location you use.


The news (can’t say it’s good or bad, really): The sequestration should not affect the deployment schedule (sad I know); they will get the money to train and send troops out in support of the mission.

Some things we just aren’t sure about:

  • How this will affect MyCAA, the GI Bill, tuition assistance etc.
  • How this will affect PCSing.
  • How this will effect re-enlistment bonuses.

Source: http://www.militaryfamily.org/feature-articles/sequestration-rumor-fact.html

What are your thoughts about the budget sequester…good, bad, or ugly (keep it clean)?


  1. I commented on this on FB, but just incase anyone reading the article is interested her is what I found out: We are two of the 800,000 federal employees set to be furloughed. One thing mentioned in the article is child care. We have three children in DoD child care facilities (which we are still required to pay for full time during the furlough). The way I understand it is the caregivers’ salaries are NAF meaning they are paid by participants fees and won’t be subject to furloughs. However the administrative staff like program directors, trainers, etc who are paid from another “pot” of money will be furloughed with the rest of us.So for the military folks… the child care center hours shouldn’t change. Our staff told us because the military isn’t affected they are required to maintain the same hours that they always have.


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