What Is a SpouseBox and What Do You Mean I Can Win One?


Did you know that NextGen’s founder, Adrianna is half of the brains behind SpouseBox, the new monthly subscription box for and by military spouses? Wait, what do you mean you haven’t heard of SpouseBox yet? It’s OK, we’ll fill you in.

SpouseBox Subscription Box for Military Spouses

SpouseBox launched its first box in January 2015 and has simply taken off ever since. As they close their fourth month, the founders, Krystel Spell of Army Wife 101 and Adrianna, are having a blast discovering and sharing the military spouse-made gems with their #SBoxSquad (what they call their SpouseBox community of fans and customers).

Each month SpouseBoxes go out worldwide to fans lucky enough to nab one. Each box is filled with 6 to 8 hand-picked goodies and features at least one milspouse-made product. Boxes go for $24.99 a piece plus $5 in shipping and handling. Subscribers are rewarded with a guaranteed box each month and receive free shipping.

Both Krystel and Adrianna enjoy sharing behind-the-scenes peeks at their journey as entrepreneurs and military spouses. They don’t shy away from their failures and are always ready to share lessons learned with their fans. Just check out how they  handled their “trifecta of troubles” for their April box on their SpouseBox blog or look to the video below to learn more about how SpouseBox comes together despite their geography.

Adri shares her SpouseBox unboxing! Did you know she rarely gets to see all the goodies IRL?

Posted by SpouseBox on Thursday, March 26, 2015

“Team SpouseBox” is split between North Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, and is comprised of the two founders and NextGen social media alum, Krista Ulyansky, who serves as Emcee of SpouseBox’s social channels.

Wanna Win a SpouseBox Sampler? It’s Easy!

Win a SpouseBox

Simply leave a comment below telling us what type of products you would love to see in a future SpouseBox. Easy, right?! Giveaway ends Friday April 24, 2015.  If you enter via our Facebook comments below make sure to check your “others” message folder after April 24 to see if you won. If you use our standard comments, make sure you enter an accurate email address…don’t worry, we won’t spam you!

Now that you know what SpouseBox is, enter to win your free box today. 


  1. Bonnie Pritchard

    Snacks, candles, etc. and things you always want but never spend the money on!

  2. New beauty finds, healthy snacks, books, etc!

  3. I really like products, even hand made items, from companies owned by veterans, military families, and milspouses.

  4. Hand made or home made healthy and beauty goods (soaps, candles, shampoos, lotions) made from real, safe ingredients. Nifty things like gadgets and organizers are also great and help simplify life…I could definitely use a little help in that department with a 10 month to chase after!! Oh, dark chocolates, wine and a housekeeper would be awesome too! Would all that fit a box?? Hahaha! A girl can dream!!

  5. I would love to see beauty products/pamper yourself, candles and sbacks would be good too.

  6. Maybe home made soaps/lotions, scarfs, simple jewelry, journals, and some yummy treats!

  7. I’d like to see an all natural face mask that leaves my face feeling fresh & rejuvenated. I also love lip glosses which I know a tinted lip balm was featured in April’s box … eeek!!! 🙂 Other things I would enjoy are a work out headband from Hippie Runner (that would be amazing if they got on board to donate for a month), chocolate, & cute hair accessories – any sort! On a side note, I think you gals are amazing for creating such an awesome product – keep up the great work!

  8. All natural spa type products! Organizing products.

  9. Workout gear! Trying to get in shape for my husband before he gets home from Afghanistan! Thank you

  10. Candles, anything handmade like jewelry or small crafts, maybe a small craft kit.

  11. Bridget LeBlanc

    Beauty/pamper products.

  12. Natalie Siewert

    I like the idea of beauty products, smell goods like candles. Healthy snacks.

  13. Anything in support of our fellow milfams!! I’m an office supply junkie, so papers, pens, decor, etc -galore!

  14. Tonya Schoenbeck

    Homemade soaps, especially tree tea oil and lavendar. Anything for a bath. Crossword or other paper puzzles.

  15. Great ideas everyone! I would have to second all of the above and also suggest RECIPE cards or books. Maybe cooking recipes, snack recipes, juicing recipes, etc…

  16. Picture frames, slippers, kitchen cooking/baking utensil.

  17. I would love to see items made in the USA or even by companies that support the military in some way. Even products made by military spouses. Of course beauty products, candles, fashionable items are always perfect. Books, cards anything that encourages spouses living this difficult lifestyle.

  18. I like chocolates, notecards, cute earrings, tea/coffee blends, cute pens, gum, bar soap, bath bombs-anything really!

  19. So very neat! I subscribe to Ipswich and just love getting my monthly bag of goodies…this is such a great idea! I would love pamper products, handmade items (jewelry etc) any kitchen related items would be fun!

  20. Art, coupons for groceries, inspirational quotes, chocolate, social media suggestions, information on connecting with other spouses, the list can go on and on! Also partnering with small business owners to offer discounts.

  21. I’d love to see The 5 Love Languages: Military Edition come in a SpouseBox. Military relationships definitely come with their own set of considerations. It’s nice that someone dared to tackle the question of how a person who shows love physically can handle deployments!

    • This is a GREAT idea. I am a Navy chaplain and use this book with our military couples.

  22. I would love a mix of spa/pampering things, interesting treats and snacks, I personally love coffee so would always love coffee or a mug, organizational things, cute decorations for the house, etc.


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