What Do Military Spouses Really Want (and Need)?

After our piece, Dear Pentagon, the 1960s Called and Wants its Military Family Readiness Policy Back, we knew we couldn’t leave the topic of the DoD Military Family Readiness Council alone. It’s time to start a dialogue about solutions and not just problems.

Stay in connected to the Military Family Readiness Council:
Website: http://www.militaryonesource.mil/those-who-support-mfrc
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/DoDMFRC
Contact Information: http://issuu.com/dodmfr/docs/dod_mfr_council_contacts


Tell us what you think military spouses and families really need from family readiness groups and programs below!


  1. Devil’s advocate: Why is it the DoD’s job to help spouses transition out of the military? And with the downsizing of the military how will DoD pay for programs for spouses’ work issues? What program will be losing money? There is only a finite pot of cash to go around.

    • It isn’t the DoD’s job to help spouses transition out of the military. The programs already exist for members, it can be extended and marketed toward military spouses as well…make it an emphasis and part of the process. And as far as work issues go, the money is already there. It’s all matter of how the money is being used. I never think that more money is the solution to anything…smarter thinking and problem solving is. With all of the different pots of money out there, I don’t think we have to rob from Peter to pay Paul…we just have to get more creative with what we already have. I am pretty sure that we would agree that there’s more than enough money but not enough sense to use it well.


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