52 Goals Week 30: Plan a Double Date

52 Goals Week 30: Plan a Double Date

I’m a big fan of date night – planned or spontaneous.

It’s a great way to decompress with my husband after a crazy week or celebrate something that’s happened in our lives. Just last week we went out when he got some awesome career news. Sometimes when we don’t feel like cooking, we’ll use date night as an excuse to try a new restaurant. Date nights are built into our monthly budget because they are that important, even after 5 years of marriage.

While I love going out with my man, we also love a good double date.

It’s a great way to spend time with our friends and get out of our usual habits – like our favorite burger place or movie theater. Or even a Netflix binge-watching day.

Why and how do you plan a double date? What should you do? We’ve got you covered as part of  NextGen MilSpouse’s You Got This: 52 Challenges to Make 2016 Your Bitch.

Week 30 Challenge: Plan and schedule a double date

Challenge Details: Identify a couple, a fun double date idea and go on that double date (or at least schedule it for very soon).

Your Deadline: August 1

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Week 30 Schedule a Double Date

5 Steps to Planning a Great Double Date

1. Identify your double date partners. Pick another couple – they could be your neighbors, coworkers or friends you know from school, church or elsewhere. It can be a couple that you want to get to know better or friends you haven’t seen for awhile.

If you just PCS’d, use you double date invitation as an excuse to get to know one of your or your spouse’s new coworkers. You know that person that you’ve kinda, maybe clicked with because you both love tacos, or the person your spouse tag teams duties with at work.  You’ll be spending time together at work, why not see if there is a friendship there too?

Or maybe friends you haven’t seen in years are stationed at the same place as you again. Use a double date as an excuse to catch up and reconnect.

Did you move into a new home and meet some awesome neighbors? Invite them on a double date.

2. Pick an activity. This could be the hardest part but there are tons of options! You’ll want to make sure everyone is on board with the plan, and the budget for the night. Not that you want to talk money but don’t make reservations at a 5-star restaurant without checking with the other couple – sure it could be super fun, but you don’t want to break everyone’s budgets in the process.

When you start making your double date plans, come up with ideas together.

If you are new to town and going out with a couple that’s been there for awhile, ask them for their favorite spots. It’s a great excuse to get to know your new community.

But here are some ideas, beyond dinner (either at a restaurant or at one of your places):

  • Game Night. Pick a new or favorite board game and get playing! Because there are only so many games that you can play with 2 people.
  • Mini Golf. An underappreciated classic date night in my opinion but always a good time.
  • Bowling. Pro tip: For extra savings go to the one on your local military base. Many do Cosmic Bowling on weekends too so there is fun music and black lights!
  • Concert for your favorite band or a new local act you’ve heard is great.
  • Comedy Club. Find a local comedy club and enjoy some really really great (or really really bad) stand-up. Either way it’s a great story.
  • Top GolfI’ll admit that this is on my list of things to do. It’s a combination driving range with games – so targeting or furtherest hit ball – with music, drinks and food.
  • Hiking. This is a great day date idea. Find a local trail and get outside!
  • Festival. Check out the local area for (often free) art fairs, food festivals, farmers markets, etc. and make a day of it.
  • Wine tasting or brewery tour. Lucky enough to live near a local tasting room? Check out their drink options while chatting up the other couple.

3. Set a date. If you’re going to something like a concert or comedy club, the date may be set in stone, but if it’s something flexible – like dinner or bowling – pick a date and time that works for the group. Consider work schedules, kids’ plans, and even when the place you want to go to is open. Once you figure out a date, put that in your calendar!

4. Double date! The day is here.  Now go on that double date! If it’s a couple you’ve met recently you may want to think of topics to talk about – family, jobs, dreams, fun things to do in the area. I don’t mean to say you need to treat this like a first date, but be prepared just in case. I doubt you’ll need them, but you never know.

5. Follow up. Make sure you say thanks for the double date and plan another one in the future if you had fun! (Hopefully you did.) It’s always great to have plans to force you to go out again.

Make plans for a future double date and think of something new to do! And if you had fun, look for other couples to hang out with too and add to your double date rotation.

What are your tips for an awesome double date? Any favorite activities?



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