We Are OneMilFam

NextGen MilSpouse is deeply committed to building bridges to connect our extremely diverse military spouse community.

We Are OneMilFam is our initiative to foster an open and respectful dialogue about issues and concerns facing military spouses today.

We acknowledge that there are many military spouses and families that feel like their story, their lives, go unrecognized, misrepresented, and largely silenced.

NextGen MilSpouse is here to give those very important voices a place to be heard and a place to connect with others who care.

Our Founder, Adrianna Domingos-Lupher shares her motivation for We Are OneMilFam:

While attending Type A Parent Conference, I had the distinct pleasure of connecting with two inspirational women from our National Guard and Reserve family.  Amiyrah M., an Air Force Reserve troop and Kris M., a newly minted Reserve military spouse, shared their stories about feeling disconnected from our larger military community.  These women shared their frustration with feeling like outsiders…not really fitting into the civilian population and not quite feeling completely integrated in the larger military community.

I found myself saddened and motivated.  I never realized how good I had it as the spouse of an active duty military member.  I know exactly where our family “fits” in our military community.  I know what to do to meet the needs of my military family and I know where to go to make very basic things like I.D. cards or a stop off to grab a Power of Attorney or a simple trip to the Commissary happen.  I couldn’t imagine what living life in military family limbo feels like…and I didn’t want these women or any other spouses to feel this way either.  We have to create a space that brings all stories and walks of life within our military spouse community together.

Along with bringing our National Guard and Reserve military spouses together, we found ourselves facing a new military spouse community working to make their voice heard, too: our LGBT military spouses.  With the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, we’ve finally started on the long road towards equality and justice for all.  NextGen MilSpouse is committed to paving the way to create a space for all military spouses, regardless of sexual orientation.  

Learn more about challenges facing our LGBT military members and their families at The American Military Partner Association.

The We Are OneMilFam initiative hinges on the core principle that, as milspouses, we are all stronger together.  Regardless of our gender, orientation, culture, religion, or life choices, we are all in the same boat, towing the same line.  Our stories, our voices, our experiences…they count.  They matter.  We matter.