Wanting the Best Medical Care for Our Military Children


Medical insurance has become such a hot topic these days. On one hand, I am grateful for TRICARE, and know that military families have good insurance. I would not call TRICARE the best insurance plan out there. Our military children have their own forms of sacrifice: one (or both) parents deployed for long periods of time, frequent moves, having friends move frequently, and living far from grandparents and other extended family. I would argue that these youngest members of the military family deserve the best possible.

Almost every family I know has a story where medical care has not been provided in a timely manner or a military child’s medical history was not thoroughly reviewed or a PCS interrupted services. Last year my younger son ended up with a ruptured ear drum due to refusal to refer him to urgent care and a pediatrician not reviewing his history of ear infections. After this, I switched my children to TRICARE Standard, but it begs the question of why should I have to pay out of pocket for care that should be provided with TRICARE Prime. No child should end up with a ruptured ear drum. At the moment, there is a Facebook event called “Taking TRICARE to Task, Part 2” which can be found here. The information about the event states:

“This is a virtual event – created to more effectively share information. There are two million pediatric TRICARE beneficiaries in the military today. From the child that cannot see a pediatrician in a timely manner, the service provider that isn’t receiving prompt reimbursement, and the child with special health care needs – this study is for YOU. We will be submitting our report to TRICARE on October 1. The full report can be viewed here. We are asking for your support. There is power in numbers, and we want to submit this study with as many signatures as possible. Join us today and pledge your support for better standards of care for our children.”

I encourage you to join the event, as each person counts as another signature to support the study which will be submitted on October 1st. I urge you to read the study as what is proposing is better health care for ALL military children, not just special needs families.


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