Verizon and Mom Corps Offer Free One Year Membership for 20 Military Spouses Looking to Return To Work

shutterstock_146589794We know how intimidating it can be to reenter the workforce after a significant gap in your work history.  We’ve talked about ways to fill those resume gaps and keep your career on track, but even our articles might not provide you with the individualized help you need.  So, imagine our excitement at finding out that Verizon and Mom Corps are partnering together to provide 20 military spouses looking to head back to work with a one year membership at Mom Corps YOU!

Valued at over $149.99 per year, a Mom Corps YOU membership will provide military spouses with access to tools, resources, coaching and support specifically targeted to individuals looking to return to work.

The MC You membership provides members with a weekly hot jobs email, the opportunity to make your resume high-vis by being a featured MC You member, biweekly webinars and more.  Visit the MC You Program Page to learn more.

Visit the Mom Corps Blog and leave a comment below the official announcement post that includes the following:

1) Your current duty station.
2) Why you would like to be considered for a scholarship.

Visit the Mom Corps Blog and Put Your Hat In The Ring!



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