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Date Night

Ah, the dreaded relationship rut…the inevitable, predictable routine that plagues many a long term relationship and converts a once vibrant, exciting, sexy couple into a lounge-pants-wearing, pass-the-microwave-popcorn, asleep-on-the-couch-by-9pm television vegging pals.  The conversion is so slow you hardly notice it.

And then, you have kids.  Some of us, you know who you are, flat out refuse to leave your kids with anybody other than an acceptable blood relative, so date night goes extinct for several years.  Some of us lock up our pre-parenting selves in our personal attic.  We start fending off any sexual advance or intimate contact.  We stop taking care of ourselves, because who has the time for  THAT?

Throw in a couple of deployments and a few rough reintegrations…a horrible work schedule…a crappy duty assignment…family drama…late hours…and the inevitable happens- you start to drift apart.  Little, by little we rip ourselves, our identity, our physical love away from the one person we fought to love us for who we truly are.

Ouch.  Right?  It hurt me to even write that last part. I am so guilty of putting my relationship at the bottom of my priority list.  And I’ve got an excuse for every day of the year as to why I’m justified in doing so.

The kids need me.

How can I think of stealing some quality time when the house is full of dust?

Don’t I have to cook dinner now?

Bad timing.

I’m tired.

I’m touched out.

I’m <insert totally valid, yet totally invalid, excuse here>.

It is so easy to put your significant other on the back burner.  He’s grown, right?  She can take care of herself?  The kids need me.


The kids need both of you.  And, you know what?  Your partner needs you.  Not you the parent, or you the dedicated spouse, or you the fiancé, or you the girlfriend or boyfriend…just you.

That’s why NextGen MilSpouse wants to talk about practical steps we can all take to turn our fizzle into a sizzle and get your relationship back on track!

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