True Confessions of a Self-Professed Hot Mess

fire hotmess

I have a secret.  I am naturally a hot mess.  I say “naturally” because, well, I fight everyday to go against my hot-mess tendencies.  If you ask my husband, there isn’t anything I own that I can’t lose, or as I would say, “temporarily misplace”. Keys, jewelry, wallets, purses, ID cards…you name it.  And that’s just as an adult.  As a kid my mom had a replacement purchase policy with me.  I lost so many umbrellas and lunch boxes  at school that she made me buy them…and I was in elementary school.

See?  Natural. Hot. Mess.  I bet you have a friend just like me.  Or maybe you’re a hot mess, too.

It took a lot of hard-knocks for me to accept and own my hot-mess-ness and make a change for the better.

The 5 Stages of Owning My Disorganization

  1. Denial…I’m not THAT disorganized.
  2. Anger…Everyone is blowing this out of proportion!  Who doesn’t lose a few things every now and again? Or in my case, all of the time.  I circled angry and denial quite a bit.
  3. Bargaining…well, it’s just who I am and I can’t really change that.  At least that’s what I told Homeskillet…in our arguments…when I’d lose stuff.
  4. Depression…why am I so disorganized?  And why do I have to spend so much time cleaning my purse/car/house?
  5. Acceptance….”Hi, I’m Adrianna and I’m a hot mess and I’m ready to work on it.”

My hot-mess-ness manifested itself in disorganization and chances are, you’ve probably got your own little hot mess to contend with.   Maybe your money management is a hot mess.  Or your cooking is a hot mess.  Or your self-care is a hot mess.  Or your approach to your career is a hot mess.  You get the idea.  We’re all a little bit of a hot mess in one part of our lives or another.

How To Recover from Being a Hot Mess

You know why I had to change my ways?  Because being disorganized was standing in the way of MY happiness and my personal success.  If I couldn’t stand my hot-mess ways, then I had to do something to change…and quick.

My plan to be better organized revolved around the simple adage, “a place for everything, and every thing in its place”.  The less clutter I allowed in my life, the less things I lost.  And when I inevitably start to notice my inner hot-mess flaring up, I consciously make the time to go into total organizing mode to get everything back in order before it gets too far out of hand.

Basically, it comes down to this:  You have to commit to change.

There’s no easy way or shortcut to making a change other than sucking it up and taking action.  You want to set yourself up for success, so do whatever you have to do to be proactive against temptations to revert to your old hot-mess ways.    Accept that relapse is likely and have a plan. If you mentally prepare a plan to recommit yourself if and when you do fall of the wagon, you’ll be back on the path to success in no time.


  1. Totally love this. I, too, am a hot mess. In my house, I like to call it “organized chaos.” But, secretly it drives me BANANAS. I’ve been working hard on tossing things I don’t need and making sure everything has a place. I have noticed more clutter lately – but you’re right: Slippage will happen; you just have to pick up again and keep moving forward. 🙂

  2. am a hot mess too from my time, home ,studies … relationships with ppl
    This article is talking about me except the part explaining how to recover from being a hot mess …….:( i tried so hard

    but i loved it …it gave me hope 😉

    • You can do it!!!! I know you can. Keep trying. You fall off the wagon, you get back on.


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