Treat Yourself with Handcrafted Beauty Products from Momma’s Best Homemade

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Treat Yourself with Handcrafted Beauty Products from Momma’s Best Homemade

Momma’s Best Homemade was founded by Tammy Mason, a 25-year-old military spouse and mother who like many of us, couldn’t pronounce the ingredients listed on her favorite skincare products. After not finding an affordable organic alternative, Tammy created one. Momma’s Best Homemade was born.

Based in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, Momma’s Best Homemade is a line of handcrafted beauty products made from natural and organic ingredients as well as great cleaning products made with a momma’s love.

Our Story, Momma’s Best Homemade

Browsing Momma’s Best Homemade website, I couldn’t decide which organic product I wanted to buy first for my Christmas shopping list. The Men’s Coffee Body Scrub ($12.95) for my husband who has everything or the Organic Sunscreen SPF30-Safe for Babies ($14.95) for a new mother and military spouse moving to Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.

Or yet, maybe a stocking stuffer. The Holiday Body Package includes 3 unique products (Hello Organic Cinnamon Face Mask!) designed “with the same task– to make your skin healthier, vibrant and clear.” Clearly this working momma with little time for myself truly needs this Holiday Body Package. Momma’s Best Homemade offers beauty products that this wanna-be granola gal can feel good about buying and incorporating into my nightly routine. Plus I’m supporting a milspouse-owned business. Rejoice! This is my kind of retail therapy.

NextGen MilSpouse knows our readers need a little love this holiday season. NextGen MilSpouse knows our milspouse entrepreneurs need a little love this holiday season.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Momma’s Best Homemade to give away 2 gift sets this month.

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The first prize is a refreshing Organic Peppermint Sugar Scrub to stimulate your skin. “It feels amazing because the peppermint leaves contain a large amount of menthol that help to refresh the skin. It also helps to brighten dull skin and even out your skin tone,” Tammy said. Organic Peppermint Sugar Scrub is made with only the finest organic ingredients. Did you know that peppermint is recommended for all skin types, even the most sensitive of skin?

The second prize is Momma’s Best Homemade Organic Peppermint Body Butter. Made using peppermint oil, this body butter has a light peppermint scent and will leave your skin moisturized all day. Peppermint oil does not clog your pores and is also great for stress relief, Tammy said.

Treat Yourself with Handcrafted Beauty Products from Momma’s Best Homemade

Need more holiday cheer?

Momma’s Best Homemade is offering a special 15% discount for NextGen MilSpouse readers. Use NEWMEDIA15 to get 15% off any of Momma’s Best Homemade organic products until December 31, 2014.

Want more information about Momma’s Best Homemade? Connect with Momma’s Best Homemade on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Which Momma’s Best Homemade product would you most like to receive as a gift this holiday season? Tell us in the comments.


  1. Looking at the website, their products look amazing…I’d love to receive any of those as a gift. The Gingerbread Super Scrub sounds fun.


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