To the Military Spouse Who Handles It



We shoulder a lot as military spouses. From uniforms to carpool duty, from getting an education to building our own business, we do it all. We do the kids, the house, the job, the money and the PCS moves.

Instead of complaining endlessly about our challenges, what do we do?

We handle it.

I handle it. You handle it. We handle it. Period.

To the Military Spouse Who Handles It

When the kids lose their minds, you handle it. You know where the extra Daddy or Mommy dolls are stashed. You have the magic touch to fix the boo-boos. You have extra popsicles hidden in the back of the freezer. If all else fails, you will listen to “Let It Go” for the billionth time.

When your spouse misplaces their PT belt, again, you handle it. You pull out one of the million spares that you’ve stashed or “find” it right where it was left by the front door.

When the pen explodes in the wash, all over the uniform, you handle it. You whip out your best laundry remedies and shoot some mean side eye while you grumble under your breath.

When a last-minute FRG meeting needs you, you handle it. You show up with bells on, ready to help the unit and your fellow spouses.

When your PCS makes the Oregon Trail seem easy, you handle it. You’re right there with food to appease the movers. The pizza guy knows your family. Even the borrowed air mattresses feel OK. The kids are smiling and the check-out process is moving right along.

When everything breaks the second your spouse walks out the door, you handle it. You call the repair service, pull out the warranties, grab the insurance policies and find a quick fix to tide you over.

When you can’t find a job in your career field, you handle it. You found opportunities that move with you or you made your own thing a reality.

You handle it.

You are unique and worthy and beautiful exactly the way you are. And you handle the ebb and flow of military life in amazing ways.

You handle deployments, TAD, trainings, late nights and early mornings. You’ve mostly done it with a smile or at least not a complete grimace.

Everything falls on your shoulders most of the time. And you handle it with grace, kindness and sincerity.

To you, the military spouse who handles it:

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!



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