The Whole Government Shutdown Thing is Over, Right? Special Pays Likely to Disappear Unless Senate Can Get Their Act Together This Week


DCBefore doing that last bit of holiday shopping, you may want to take note that the Senate has only now gotten back to work after its 2 week Thanksgiving recess, and if they don’t hurry up and pass the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act before December 31st, a whole host of special pays and incentives will disappear after December 31st.  While the 1% pay raise will not be affected, here are just some of the 26 “special pay provisions” that will go away:

  • Combat Pay
  • Hazardous Duty Pay
  • Special Duty Pay
  • Skill Incentive Pay (including Foreign Language Proficiency Bonuses)
  • Reenlistment Bonuses

The Senate has only a few working days left this year (until the 13th) to come to some resolution on this Act and the 350 amendments to it that are being considered. Given the contentious nature of Congress, it seems unlikely that they will come to an agreement in time.

What You Can Do

  • If you are going to be affected by the cancellation of special pays, you may want to put a brake on holiday spending now.
  • Assess your budget, especially if you’ve made some gift purchases that will be hitting your credit card bill in January
  • Contact your state’s senator and encourage them to come to an agreement.  Ask them to work extra days (a special session) if necessary.


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