The Great Halloween Candy Conundrum: Binge or Ration? #SweetHalloween

Compensation for this post was provided by Crest & Oral-B via MSB New Media. All opinions expressed in this piece are my own.

Last year’s Halloween candy haul.

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Candy strewn across the living room floor, our Halloween costume half-on-half-off as we sort through the good stuff, the crappy stuff, and the random offerings of an anti-candy household (un-American, I know).

Our parents circling our candy haul, quality controlling our stash, tossing aside the slightly unwrapped, totally open, or curiously questionable sweet Halloween treats.

Remember how we’d plead and beg for just one more piece of candy before bed? “Just one more snack-sized piece chocolatey-chewy goodness…just one more, please!”

Of course they’d answer no. They’d feign concern for the state of your teeth or stomach throw you a line about how they’re doing this for your own good, command you to brush your teeth super-duper well, and send you off to bed.

As you peacefully slept, you know what they were doing, right? That’s right. They were eating their favorite candy from your night of pounding the pavement in search of sweet morsels of forbidden not-fruit.

After they had their fill, they’d collect your stash and face the age old problem that ever parent faces post-Trick-or-Treating: What the hell are we going to do with all of this candy?

To Binge or To Ration Your Halloween Candy

Now, let’s be honest. Candy is candy. It ain’t health food. Just check out what happened when Crest and Oral-B swapped out good ‘ole Halloween Candy with healthier stand-ins.

This Halloween feel free to indulge your sweet tooth, because Crest and Oral-B have you covered.

Thank goodness for toothpaste and toothbrushes, right?

Halloween without candy is just a downright shame. Even though I’m “that” parent that gives out candy alternatives, I can’t not let my girls indulge in a little sweet halloween treat.

But what do you do with that mountain of candy? Do you let your kids binge on candy or do you give them a bit here and there for a few weeks?

Dentist Mark Burhenne of, has his kids send their candy stash to the Great Pumpkin Spirit after they’ve indulged. Mark one point in the binge column.

My Sweet Trick Or Treat-ers!

Keith Ayoob, Associate professor of Pediatrics at Albert Enstein College of Medicine, suggests that you practice the “Rule of One” for high calorie sweets. Basically, one piece of candy a day won’t create any lasting harm. Mark one point in the ration column.

The more research we did, the more we realized that the jury seems to be out on this one (probably sneaking some candy).

Whether you choose to binge or ration your candy, moderation is indeed the key as is a healthy date with a toothbrush and some toothpaste.

Last weekend I got together with some friends and shared some goodies compliments of Crest and Oral-B at our friend’s Halloween Shindig! They were kind enough to provide all of our candy-loving partiers with Crest Pro-Health Healthy Fresh Toothpaste, Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse, and an Oral-B Pro-Health All-in-One Toothbrush to help them breathe a little easier about indulging in their sweet treats.

We’ve got a pretty #SweetHalloween treat for you, too! Visit for #SweetHalloween savings!

If you’re not down with indulging, you may want to consider Operation Gratitude’s candy buyback program (they send it to the troops!), donating your candy to a local charity or shelter, or foisting it on your unsuspecting co-workers (just sayin’).

Do you binge or do you indulge in your candy until it’s gone?  How do  you get rid of unwanted Halloween candy?  Tell us below!


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