The Confessional

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Welcome to the first installment of The Confessional! Everybody’s got their secrets and little white lies to help them cope with day-to-day life. And sometimes they eat at you until you just have to tell someone…

So why don’t you tell us? In the spirit of fairness, we’ll start! Here’s mine:

Recently I was in Target with my darling toddler daughter and she threw a tantrum. When I saw some old ladies giving me dirty looks, I knew soon they would be giving me parenting advice from 1950, and honestly, I didn’t have the patience to listen to it. So, I started loudly saying things like “Oh your mommy is in for a treat when she sees you! Maybe you will nap for mommy because you’ve been such a little terror for me.” I pretty much pretended she wasn’t mine.

Here are some confessions from the NextGen Team:

Our Editor, Adrianna:

Sometimes I purposefully forget to do things my husband asks me to do…just to make a point (like forgetting to pick up his uniform from the dry cleaner’s). My mom actually gave me this little nugget of marital advice after I was telling her how annoyed I was that somebody always seemed to forget everything I asked him to do and I just didn’t get it. She immediately identified with me and said that it was totally normal…and this was her technique to help her keep her sanity.

Jessica from Deployment Diva:

Even though I’m a health coach, I’m the QUEEN of excuses. I can pretty much talk myself out of anything I know I’m “supposed” to do – dishes, eating healthy, working out, etc. It takes a lot of internal dialogue to stay on a healthy track. That’s why I make a big effort to be so supportive and encouraging of others – accountability makes a HUGE difference.

And Stacy:

I am obsessed with Keeping Up with the Kardashians and will watch the same episodes over and over again to the point I get upset with E! When they show anything else.


Your turn! What confessions do you have?

A Note to Confessors: Do keep your confessions in the realm of shareable. Please don’t scar us with confessionals that cross the TMI boundary or are legally questionable. If you wouldn’t tell your mama don’t share it.


  1. Since my husband deployed I am horrible at keeping up with folding laundry. Sad but true my son’s playpen has become a very large “clean” laundry hamper. Strategically, hidden from company by placement in my room. My 7 year old has even figured out if she can not find the socks she wants to check the “playpen.” So, going to have to hide the playpen from myself, eventually. 🙂

  2. On days that I was exhausted from running after my kids and doing chores….my kid’s bedtime came a little sooner than later :). Especially if the hubby was away on assignment.

    • Yes! I think all of us parents can attest to that one. Isn’t it great when they can’t tell time? 🙂


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