The Confessional Vol. 2

stained glass

This week we have confessions from YOU-our wonderful readers! We got some on our Facebook page, some in the comments from the first installment and a bunch through email!

I will start with mine- I paint my nails when my husband annoys me because I know he hates the smell and he will go to bed, then I can have time to myself without him bothering me.

I have another confession. I am addicted to Totino’s pizza rolls… like seriously.. could be why my cholesterol is over 300. — Stacy, from Nextgen

There is only so much cartoons and Mickey Mouse clubhouse one can take… when my kids ask to watch cartoons, I sometimes say the cartoons are broken and we can’t watch them today bc the tv ppl have to fix them.— Erica

When I’m really tired, I eat ice cream or cookies for dinner. I tell myself that my body needs the fat and sugar since I’m not eating a full meal.— Jane

Sometimes I post that were doing some really great activity to enrich our son’s mind but really we’re watching TV. Because sometimes you just have to be a good mom on Facebook. –Anne

Since my husband deployed I am horrible at keeping up with folding laundry. Sad but true my son’s playpen has become a very large “clean” laundry hamper. Strategically, hidden from company by placement in my room. My 7-year-old has even figured out if she can not find the socks she wants to check the “playpen.” So, I’m going to have to hide the playpen from myself, eventually. –Crystal

On days that I was exhausted from running after my kids and doing chores….my kid’s bedtime came a little sooner than later. Especially if the hubby was away on assignment.— Mrs. May

I park in the “expectant mother” parking because it doesn’t say how pregnant you have to be. And who knows, I could be pregnant.— Claire


What are your confessions? You can email your confessions to us via our Contact Page if you prefer to remain anonymous!





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