“You’re Gonna Hate That Place!” And Other Things You Don’t Want To Hear During a PCS

We’ve all heard some crazy things about military life when it comes to what to expect about PCSing.  Here’s some of the most annoying questions you’ve fielded and interesting tidbits and stories about moving!

“Have you found a place yet?” 
Yes, because that’s so easy to do when you’re 2000+ miles away and can’t really do anything till you either check in with housing (off post) or wait for housing on post. So looking on Internet has to suffice. ~ Carrie G.

The biggest pet peeve I had while planning my first PCS (and it was OCONUS at that!) was when people would tell me, “it’ll be okay.”

I know, that doesn’t sound like a very offensive thing to say, but they didn’t realize that things would only “be okay” if I got done the one million things I had to do in a 2 week period all by myself! Add in the time difference when trying to contact my new post, the lack of information about getting my dog’s paperwork together, and general moving stress about uprooting my entire life…I was a mess! Thankfully everything was okay in the end, but I’ll never say that to another family in the midst of a PCS! ~ Army Amy

“Well, we found the [insert name of your favorite piece of furniture]…” or “Where did the box with the PS3 go?”

Seems to happen every PCS, and yeah, the sticker for the box was stuck under the bathroom sink. Box came in and out without us knowing. I wasn’t so upset PS3 was gone, but the hours of gameplay! [nerd, I know] ~ Bobby M.

How much we’ll hate our next duty station.

Even if its the worst place ever, it’s not helpful to have to hear that after we already have orders! ~ Anne C.

My Aunt said “I know those military movers they are always in your business. But pack your personal pleasure items in your suitcase.”

OMG how does she know? I guess that means lingerie too. ~ Whitney M.

If looks could kill…

My husband looked me dead in the eye and said, “Why are you stressing? You just put things in boxes.” And that explains why we can’t find anything from when he packed his barracks room! ~ Kaitlyn


What’s your weirdest PCS advice or story?  Share it with us below!



  1. Not really weird but annoying. I loved it when we were PCSing to Angola and everyone we encountered in the airport kept tell me how sorry they were about my move, or how terrible it was, like it was a death sentence or something. I had my five year old with me and I’d been making a concerted effort to be positive and upbeat about the move. Thanks strangers who are trying to undo months of preparation.

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