Love & Money: Yours, Mine, Ours


Dave tipWe posted a Dave Ramsey Daily Tip pic on our Facebook page and the conversation definitely took off!  Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of how you manage love and money, we love that our NextGen MilSpouse community members know how to share their perspectives with respect.

We thank you for that.

Love and money is definitely one of those topics that whips us all into a frenzy…kind of like talking about sex.  Personal finances can be a touchy topic for any couple, but it doesn’t mean that they can be ignored.  Talking money with your honey  may not be your idea of a romantic evening, but not talking money in your relationship is a red flag and can lead to relationship problems in the future.

According to, Financial difficulty is the top cause of divorce, followed second by communication issues.  So, not talking and not talking about money are two things we’re pretty sure you don’t want to have going on in your relationship.

If you add on the stress that comes from being a military family, the impact of poor communication and financial disagreement are even greater.

As a military spouse, you have got to be on the same sheet of music so that your financial plans are seamless even in the face of deployment, TDY, short tour, or whatever the military throws your way.

Not Sure How To Talk Money With Your Honey?

We get it.  Talking money isn’t necessarily sexy or fun, but there are some things you’ve got to know to keep your military family running smoothly.  Here are some simple tips to help you open up communication with your partner.

Timing can be everything when it comes to uncomfortable topics.

If money is one of your hot button issues, then I suggest you plan ahead. Make sure you pick a time when both of you can provide ample time and attention to dedicate to the conversation.  .  Any counselor, marital or financial, will tell you that it is much better to provide a time and place to discuss an issue than to blindside your spouse by launching into a confrontation.  You can start your conversation by saying:

“Hey, Hon, when you get a chance, I would like to learn/share more about our finances.  Can we sit down on date and time to do this?”

Whether you are the one learning or sharing information about your finances, you might find that you have much more to discuss than you can accomplish in one conversation.  That’s a-okay!   Anything that leads to an increase in communication is a good thing in your relationship.

Be ready for the emotional side of the money talk.

Part of sharing this information with your spouse or learning this information from your spouse might churn up a bit of emotion and the desire to point a finger here or point a finger there.  Opening up this conversation is all about figuring out what is going on right now.

It’s about the here and now and establishing a foundation for continued communication as you move forward TOGETHER.

How do you talk money with your partner?  Do you shy away from talking money because it’s a hot button issue?


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