Stop worrying about it. Seriously. Stop it.

It’s fitting that this month’s theme is “Embrace Your Now” because I’m certainly being tested on doing just that.

enjoy the momentYou see, my life is about to be in complete upheaval and the plan is … well, there is no plan.

And it’s driving me bananas.

Ok, not true. There’s a very rough-draft of a plan that has sub-plans based on what could possibly won’t ever happen. There aren’t details, but there are concepts. You know, kind of like when you’re waiting on orders … everything hinges on that ONE decision.

Bananas, I tell you.

To save my sanity, and the lives of those around me, I’m trying desperately to hold on to this moment. To not worry so much about what could happen. To not make myself sick with trying to figure out every possible way things could go. To not try to pinpoint every single thing that needs to be done in every single scenario.

Instead, I’m working on acknowledging those feelings and consciously making an effort to let go.

In just 3 days, I’ve learned a valuable lesson.

The universe will provide for you.

Yeah, call me all woo-woo, it’s OK. All I know is that instead of worrying about whether or not I’ll be able to pay my bills for a few months when I’m going to be unemployed (probably) (voluntarily), I’ve had 3 people contact me about working with me.

And you know what? That feeling I had when I saw those emails was of a much calmer, quieter, grateful feeling than if I had been stressing about how I was going to make money.

I’m not saying it’s easy. This is a struggle

I had to check the panic attack that almost ensued just the other day when a friend asked about a mani/pedi date and all I could think about was my mile-long to-do list. Instead, I smiled and asked “what time?” because I know it will all get done.

Believing that all will be OK is a much happier way to live than constantly worrying about things.

‘Cause regardless of whether you’re worried or not, it will happen.

Whether you’re prepared for it or not, it will happen.

So, relax. As much as we think we can control things, we really can’t.

Enjoy this moment, right now.


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