7 Smart Smart Phone Habits of Highly Connected Military Families #DefenseMobile


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7 Smart Smart Phone Tips for Military Families

As a military spouse, business owner and mom of two increasingly extracurricular-activity-loving girls my smart phone is my military family’s command center. Honestly, if it weren’t for my smart phone’s calendar reminders, the following conversation would happen way more often:

School: “Ah, Hi, Mrs. Lupher. We have Jada with us here in the front office. It’s early release today.”

Me: “Oh, snot!” (self-censorship) “I’ll be right there!”

As much as my military family relies on our smart phones, we have to be smart about our smart phone plans. Data doesn’t grow on trees and neither does money. With that in mind here are some of my tried and true tips for being smart about your smart phone plan.

7 Smart Smart Phone Tips of Highly Connected Military Families

Suspend Your Spouse’s Smart Phone Service During a Deployment or Short Tour

Is your serving spouse headed far, far away for an extended period of time? Pick up the phone and call your cell phone provider to see if you can temporarily suspend your spouse’s service AND preserve your spouse’s phone number until they return. As a matter of fact, Defense Mobile will allow you to suspend your spouse’s service for unto 8 months at no charge for a deployment or military obligation.

Conserve Your Data Plan by Connecting to Wi-Fi Connections You Trust

As we live in the limbo-land of a PCS, our data plan is drying up faster than California. Make sure you hop on trusted Wi-Fi connections when available to preserve your precious data allowance! Going over your data allowance can get expensive quickly.

7 Smart Smart Phone Habits of Highly Connected Military Families #DefenseMobile

Make Your Smart Phone into Your Own Hotspot

I don’t know if it’s that my fingers are all Gen-X while my brain is all Millennial, but I cannot function on my smart phone alone. Mama has to have her laptop…and her Wi-Fi. When I’m on the go and I can’t grab a safe public Wi-Fi signal, I rely heavily on my smart phone to serve as a mobile hotspot so I can access the internet safely and securely wherever I am (read: in the school parking lot).

Keep Communications Open Across the Miles

Where there’s a will, there’s an app for that. Boom! Another updated saying for 21st century living! With apps like Skype, FaceTime,and WhatsApp (a fave of many military families), staying connected via your smart phone has never been easier. Couple these apps with your home Wi-Fi and you’ll be saving even more money!

Make Money When You Upgrade

Ready to ditch your old  phone for a newer, sleeker model? There are tons of trade-in-programs out there! Cash it in online via sites like Gazelle and Swappa or check out CoinStar’s newest venture called, ecoATM.

Consider a Shared Phone for Your Military Children

Having kids on the go can make for a family logistical nightmare, but equipping all of your children with smart phones or even mobile phones can turn into a financial burden, not to mention the challenge that comes with teaching your child appropriate smart phone use. Consider opting for a “roam phone” that your kids can check out whenever you feel that you need them to be accessible.

Ditch the Contract: Pay As You Go with Defense Mobile

It’s easy to get wrapped into over-paying when you’re on a mobile phone contract. Switching to a Pay-As-You-Go plan can really bring down your bill. Defense Mobile allows you to bring your phone with you to their service. Need a phone? They can cover you there too!

Defense Mobile is running some pretty fabulous deals right now, but you want to know the best part? 10% of Defense Mobile’s net profits help support military families in need AND their Member Care Team is 100% Veteran-Staffed.

Ready to hear about their latest deals? We thought so.

Defense Mobile’s Latest Deals:

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7 Smart Smart Phone Habits of Highly Connected Military Families #DefenseMobile

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Are you ready to try Defense Mobile? Switch to Defense Mobile today risk free. If you aren’t completely satisfied after 30 days, Defense Mobile will give you your money back.


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