Shipt Saved Me During Deployment

Shipt Saved Me During Deployment

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Shipt Saved Me During Deployment

I was halfway through a deployment with a sick baby under quarantine and no groceries to be had. At all.

I didn’t want to risk getting a friend sick by asking her to babysit my daughter.

I didn’t really feel like handing a list off to a friend with my credit card. While I’d put out the bat signal throughout deployment for small things here and there, my weekly grocery shopping just seemed to be too much to ask.

I was too tired at the end of the day to go after her bedtime when someone could sit on my couch while she slept and not get sneezed on.

And I couldn’t take my daughter with me to the grocery store because everything I needed required a cart and well, that was a no-go (see previous statement about quarantine).

That’s when I started to look up grocery delivery options.

Enter Shipt.

Shipt aims to make grocery shopping easier and more convenient. By working with local shoppers and stores, they run that errand for you and it’s easy to schedule with their super simple app. (P.S. they are now at Target! Hello new bedding and picture frames.)

Who Has Time For Groceries? Get Shipt.

Shipt recently launched in my area so I scored a great promo to join and clicked away. I added everything that we needed from my beloved local H-E-B (if you’ve ever been stationed in central Texas, you know what I’m talking about).

At the scheduled time my friendly Shipt shopper showed up at my door, put the grocery bags in my kitchen for me, and was on their way.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times Shipt saved me throughout that deployment.

While Shipt didn’t save me money, this grocery delivery service did save me time. And my time is more precious than my money.

Shipt – Grocery delivery in as soon as an hour.

Between working, volunteering and being a parent, getting to the grocery store is tough. But knowing that I could still get food for my family made all the difference in the world.

Using Shipt freed up time to do activities with my daughter.

Using Shipt let me get all of my work done while she was at daycare.

Shipt let me do fun things with my friends on the weekends instead of running errands. Time that I needed for my own self-care and mental health.

I have five tips for using Shipt.

5 Tips For Using Shipt To Have Your Groceries Delivered

Be Specific With Your Produce

When I’ve talked to other friends about grocery delivery or even curbside pick-up, they are always concerned about the produce. Whether they want everything perfectly ripe or totally not ripe or somewhere in between, it’s something they worry about.

For me, there are some things I really care about. Like bananas, they better still be a bit green so they last me the week.

Or if I’m making tacos on Tuesday but getting groceries on Saturday, I don’t want ripe avocados.

What I love about Shipt is that I could add a comment. I’d say “please pick a bunch of bananas that are still a bit green” or “prefer non-ripe avocados.” And they’d honor that request.

If you don’t put a note you are at the whim of the shopper and you don’t know what they’ll pick.

You Can Say No To A Suggested Substitution

If you’re brand specific and the grocery store is sold out of that item, you can say that you don’t want any substitutions or have the shopper text you to see if a similar product is acceptable.

It’s happened to me a few times when the size dish soap wasn’t available or they couldn’t find a certain brand, so they texted me. With a simple yes or no answer you can tell them to skip it or go for it. My shoppers are always on top of it and understand if I say no.

Don’t Use Shipt If You Need Only One Item

If you’re not spending over $35 you will have to pay $7 for deliver so if you just need one or two things, call that friend and Venmo them some cash. But if you need a week’s worth of food, consider getting it delivered.

Don’t Forget To Tip Your Shopper

Last time I used Shipt it was highly encouraged to tip your shopper. I’m not sure what they are paid but like all service industries, if they do a good job, review them and throw a little extra cash their way.

You Can Add Last-Minute Items To Your Shopping List

One thing that I love about Shipt is that if you order far enough in advance you can add things to your order in the app.

When I ordered groceries from other services or directly from the store for pick-up, you have to call the store to make any changes or additions. And I’ll be honest, I don’t have time for that.

But you can make some updates in Shipt or have your shopper text you when they are shopping!

At the end of the day Shipt was one of the best things to happen to my sanity during a deployment full of endless Murphy’s Law moments. I felt better knowing that my to-do list was completed, we were eating healthy food, and spending quality time together as a family.

Are you looking for ways to save time during deployment? Consider downloading the Shipt app as part of your deployment survival plan. 



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