#ShareBeauty: Low Maintenance Styling Tips Every Busy Curly Girl Needs to Try (Sponsored by SuaveⓇ)

Confession: I used to hate my curly hair.

#ShareBeauty: Low Maintenance Styling Tips Every Busy Curly Girl Needs to Try (Sponsored by SuaveⓇ)

All I ever wanted was straight hair and DJ Tanner’s double bangs (oh, you know you wanted them too). In a desperate attempt to placate my deepest desire to replicate that ubiquitous 90s hair trend, my mother gave in and gave her curly haired child everything she never knew she shouldn’t have wanted:

#ShareBeauty: Low Maintenance Styling Tips Every Busy Curly Girl Needs to Try (Sponsored by SuaveⓇ)
Those bangs (not to mention those glasses)…and my little sister followed suit the following year. Sigh.

Those bangs…I don’t even know if I can call them that…gave me the first of many valuable lessons about managing my curly hair:

Thou shalt not have bangs.

It took me 5 years to internalize and accept that curly hair commandment and I have 4 years of school pictures to memorialize the learning process.

Like many curly girls, I hated my hair because I really didn’t know how to manage it. My curly hair became a burden and so I banished it to the land of ponytails, braids and flat irons. Wearing my hair curly felt like more trouble than it was worth, but little did I realize how I was my curly hair’s worst enemy.

Once I learned how to treat my curls, I realized how lucky I was to have curly hair. Curly hair, bar humidity, is truly low maintenance hair. Don’t believe me? Just check out these styling tips that every curly girl needs to try for low maintenance hair.

Shampoo Once (or Twice) a Week, No More

Curly hair is notoriously dry because our curls make it hard for the natural oil from our scalp to travel down the hair shaft due to its spiral shape. Shampooing can strip that natural oil (read: what keeps hair moisturized) and dry out our already dry curls even further. In order to keep your curls happy and moisturized, keep shampooing to once or twice a week.

#ShareBeauty: Low Maintenance Styling Tips Every Busy Curly Girl Needs to Try (Sponsored by SuaveⓇ)
Suave® will help your hair be all that it can be with the right products that work as well as salon brands. Plus the Sea Mineral Infusion collection smells SO GOOD!

Be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like Suave® Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Moisturizing Body Shampoo and Conditioner.

Speaking of conditioner…

Only Detangle Curly Hair When Wet and Conditioned

Have you ever tried to brush or comb dry curly hair? Not only is it virtually impossible, it can damage your hair (read: Frizz…Frizz Everywhere). I always detangle my hair in the shower with conditioner. The conditioner makes it easier to detangle and combing the conditioner through your hair helps distribute it evenly.

Less Is More (Especially with the Right Product)

I HATE crunchy curls. And I equally hate frizz. One of my biggest challenges as a curly girl, is finding the right balance between beautiful, defined curls that stay put and curls that look and feel cemented in place. I’ve found that a light weight styling cream like Suave® Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Light Weight Weather Proof Cream gives my curls the definition I want and protects against humidity-induced frizz.

Because I live in the South, the land of sweet tea, barbecue and humidity so thick you can cut it with a knife, I like to finish my curls with a fine mist hairspray like Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Anti-Humidity Hair Spray. They had me at “frizz resistance in 95% humidity.”

Air-Dry vs. Blow-Dry

If you hate stepping out of your house with a wet head of hair, you’re not alone. On most days, I air-dry my curls. I’ve started using the T-shirt/plop method of styling my hair because ain’t nobody got time to blow-dry hair and heat styling can damage delicate curls.

On the rare occasion that I feel the urge to blow-dry my curls, I always reach for my diffuser attachment. I dry my hair with my hair hanging upside down and only dry my hair until it is about 70% dry. I find that if I dry it completely, it gets a bit frizzy.

#ShareBeauty: Low Maintenance Styling Tips Every Busy Curly Girl Needs to Try (Sponsored by SuaveⓇ)

#ShareBeauty with Regulation Friendly Curls and Suave®

We are so proud to partner with Suave® to #ShareBeauty with our readers just in time for Veterans Day! Suave is sending 10,000 products to our troops overseas to show their appreciation for our military service members.

A little known fact about me is that I spent 3 years in Air Force Junior ROTC in high school. As a matter of fact, that’s where I met my husband! Needless to say, my curls are no stranger to regulation-friendly hair styles.

My go-to regulation friendly hair style was a side part low bun…not very exciting or stylish. Unfortunately, I didn’t have Suave® and beauty blogger and military Veteran Dulce Candy giving me tips about how to glam up my hair on uniform day!

Just check out these 2 super cute hair style tutorials that are perfect for any busy woman!

We want you! Wear your military-inspired hair style on Veterans Day, share using #ShareBeauty, or both, to support SuaveⓇ as they donate 10,000 products to troops overseas.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SuaveⓇ via MSB New Media. The opinions and text are all mine.



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