Return of Deployed Spouse and Return of Family Game Night – Sans Screens


Did you have game night as a kid? I still remember playing Mexican Bingo – better known as Loteria – with my family anytime there were relatives from out of town.With all of this government shut down stuff, staying home and entertaining on the cheap is even more important.

Ever more important, now that my husband is home from deployment we need to figure out how to spend more time with the kids – time that doesn’t require an outlet and a plug. Reintegrating a servicemember spouse back into the family is a lot harder than dealing with long separations, in my book. Family game night is a perfect place to start.

I noticed a big difference in the way my kids behave when we play video games, and when we play board games or play outside. The entertainment is all encompassing – therapeutic . Sure when I’m losing at Candyland I want to throw the board and stick it to one of the sugar sweet characters (maybe I need anger management classes?) – but the kids, they love it.

I was amazed to come across this infographic by, a site that encourages turning off the multiple screens that have taken over our lives and interacting organically – *gasp* – yes…it is still possible.
What are some family games that you want to incorporate back into your family’s night? What are games that you already play? Let us know in the comments below!


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