Military Community Resource Spotlight: Hire Heroes USA

Military Community Resource Spotlight: Hire Heroes USA

Editor’s Note: Our monthly Military Community Resource Spotlight is an Q&A that provides information about organizations who serve military spouses and their families. The purpose is to connect military spouses with available resources designed to help them thrive in military life. This month’s military community resource spotlight is Hire Heroes USA. 

Military Community Resource Spotlight: Hire Heroes USA

Organization’s Name: Hire Heroes USA

Year Established: 2005

What’s the history of your organization?

Hire Heroes USA empowers U.S. military members, veterans and spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce.

Military Community Resource Spotlight: Hire Heroes USA

What services does your organization offer?

Resume Revision – Interview Preparation – Networking Guidance.

All Hire Heroes USA services are provided at no cost to military spouses.

We also have a private job board in which clients can view and apply for jobs with employment partners. We build personal relationships with each company on the job board and often have a point of contact in the human resources department of the company. Only the clients we work with are able to apply for these positions, so it is an added benefit of registering to receive services from our organization.

How does your organization specifically meet the needs of today’s military family?

It is important to note that the Institute of Veterans and Military Families/Military Officers Association of America recently published the following statistics:

  • In 2012, female military spouses ages 18 to 24 had the highest unemployment rate across all other demographics at 30%
  • 90% of employed military spouses report being underemployed based on their experience and/or education level

Hire Heroes USA has the ability to reduce the number of unemployed or underemployed military spouses by ensuring volunteer experience, prior work experience and desirable skills are effectively portrayed on a resume. Specifically, we empower spouses by individually pairing them with a highly trained Transition Specialist who works collaboratively to: create a tailored resume that effectively highlights skills and achievements, learn effective job searching, networking, and interviewing techniques, and get connected with companies that are actively hiring.

We empower all transitioning military members, veterans and their spouses by building the confidence and skills necessary to seek civilian employment through a continuum of free, individualized programs that are delivered through personalized online career coaching. Because many of our services are provided via phone and email, we are able to work with individuals all over the world. Since many spouses may be stationed overseas, this is a great aspect of our program.

What does your organization do differently than any other military community organization or resource?

Hire Heroes USA’s team of former military and private sector professionals effectively trains spouses in the skills of self-marketing. The Transition Specialist then supports the client’s career search until they find a good job with a great company. This personal approach is the hallmark of our program, and is unlike many other programs offering similar services. We work with clients until they no longer wish to receive services or until they find employment. Our services never go away, so even after they find employment, they can reach back out to us if they choose to pursue another career opportunity. This comes in handy when a spouse is facing a PCS change and would like to find work in their new location.

Hire Heroes USA’s high touch approach is extremely effective, cutting in half the average length of unemployment for Hire Heroes USA clients (13 weeks), compared with the national average (26 weeks).

What is your most underutilized program/service?

We have a great volunteer program that is utilized often, but we definitely want to make sure that we highlight our career counseling opportunities. This is where a client is paired with a volunteer within the industry in which they want to work, and they are able to ask questions and gain information about the industry. Career counseling sessions are a great opportunity for clients to learn more about how to break into a particular industry and also make connections that they can utilize during their career search. We also offer mock interview opportunities to clients through the volunteer program. Again, these services are provided free of charge to spouses.

And by the way, we are always looking for volunteers! Any individual interested in volunteering with our organization can fill out the form on our website.

Military Community Resource Spotlight: Hire Heroes USA
Hire Heroes USA’s high touch approach is extremely effective, cutting in half the average length of unemployment for Hire Heroes USA clients (13 weeks), compared with the national average (26 weeks).

Are you a CFC organization? What is your fundraising code?

Yes, we are in CFC. Our CFC # is 59856.

Anything else you’d like our readers to know about your organization?

Any spouse interested in receiving services can register via our website. They will be assigned to a Transition Specialist the following Monday to begin the process. Our weekly capacity changes each week depending on our transition workshop schedule and other events, but we typically have the capacity to assist 270–400 spouses, service members and veterans each week.

Hire Heroes USA has a 4-Star rating from Charity Navigator, and has a Gold Star rating from GuideStar.

We assisted over 3,400 military spouses and veterans find employment in 2015 alone, and we average about 60 clients confirmed hired each week.

It is important to note that we are not a job placement agency and do not guarantee that clients will find employment; however, we do our best to ensure that clients are highly prepared to find employment in their desired industry.

Our organization is recognized as a best-in-class military service organization by the Call of Duty Endowment, the George W. Bush Institute, and the USO.

As a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we provide our services at no cost to the client.

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga., Hire Heroes USA has branch offices in 6 additional metropolitan areas around the country – Torrance and San Diego, Calif.; Auburn, Wash.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Dallas, Texas; and Raleigh, N.C.

For media inquiries, please contact
For spouses needing assistance, please contact Cori Williams at

For more information about Hire Heroes USA, connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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