52 Goals Week 40: Random Act of Kindness

52 Goals Week 40: Random Act of Kindness

It seems like every time we look at social media, our feeds are filled with darkness and despair. More anger, more intolerance, more loss. It’s too much. What happened to the light? The love? The kindness?

This week, we’re going to change all that by asking our readers to do one random act of kindness for a co-worker, your spouse or friend.

Ever had a stranger buy your lunch?

A good samaritan hand you an umbrella in the rain?

A fellow military spouse bring you dinner during a deployment?

It’s time to pay it forward, and if you haven’t been metaphorically paid yet, then it’s time to get the karma ball rolling in the right direction.

52 Goals Week 40: Random Act of Kindness

Week 40 Challenge: Perform a random act of kindness for a co-worker, friend or your spouse

Challenge Details: Look for an opportunity to make someone’s day by performing a random act of kindness at work. If you aren’t currently working in an office, go ahead and do a random act of kindness for a friend, neighbor or even your spouse.

Your Deadline: October 10

Bonus Points: Post a picture of your smiling face after you’ve done your random act of kindness on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #2016isMyBitch.

Need an idea for a random act of kindness for your co-worker?

Bring in donuts, or even just a cup of coffee for your cubicle mate. Write a nice email about your competitive colleague to your boss, and genuinely mean what you’re saying. Offer to cover so someone else can leave early. Bring in a cake to celebrate someone’s birthday. Have the whole office sign a card for the staff member that generally goes unnoticed – the janitor, the security guard, the folks that work in the cafeteria.

Are you the boss lady? Rent a popcorn or cotton candy machine for the lobby one afternoon.

Want to step it up a notch? Create a Random Acts of Kindness movement at your workplace. Do something anonymously and leave a “You’ve been RAKed!” card that can be photocopied. On the card explain what a Random Act of Kindness is, and instructions to pay it forward, anonymously, by the end of the week with instructions to copy the card and leave it at the person’s desk. Once someone has been RAKed, they can hang the card outside their door so they aren’t hit twice. It’s like being “Boo’d” in your neighborhood at Halloween, but for adults. At work. With kindness.

In a world saturated with bad news, let’s change the narrative. Ghandi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Do a random act of kindness and start that change today.

Have you ever commit a random act of kindness on a co-worker? What was his or her reaction? 



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