QUIZ: Is your relationship in a rut?




Do you feel ever feel like your relationship is in a rut? The day-to-day grind of managing work, adulting, and parenting can really take a toll on your marriage, not to mention the unpredictability of military life. There’s a fine line between your relationship going from a well-oiled machine to totally robotic.

Take our quiz and find out how you can transform your relationship rut into a relationship groove!


Quiz: Is Your Relationship in a Rut?


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Whether you’re in a groove or a rut, if you feel like your relationship needs a little extra TLC, don’t forget about the free confidential non-medical counseling services offered by Military OneSource.

What is something that you and your spouse do to keep your relationship grooving? Any tips for when it hits a rut? Tell us what works best for you and your spouse in the comments.


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