This Professor Experiences Every Work From Home Parent’s Nightmare (Live on TV)


We’ve all been there. Business on top. Pajamas on bottom. Skype face on. You’ve briefed your kids that you’re on an important call and they absolutely, positively cannot come into your office.

And then this happens:


I love how the kid enters like there’s a dance party and s/he’s the guest of honor.

This is really where I start feeling for Dad. I mean, come on, he’s talking foreign policy while swatting away his toddler-invader on INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION. This makes my Skype conference call look sub-JV.


You think it can’t get any worse and then…BAM! Enter a baby in a walker.


I just about died at this point. And I think he did too.

In one of the most daring and heroic moments, another adult comes to the rescue. I’m not sure if it’s mom or a nanny or a ninja. All I could think was FINALLY!


The moment when he closes his eyes is sheer perfection. I know that moment. It’s the moment when you want to yell “CAN I JUST HAVE 5 MINUTES ALONE” and disappear to a tropical paradise, or hell, a quiet cubicle in a remote office location.

Catch the full interview below, grab your popcorn and cheer for Professor Robert E. Kelly, our Work From Home Hero of the Week.

What’s the craziest thing that ever happened to you during a video or conference call? Tell us!



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