Portable Career Spotlight: Rodan + Fields

My name is Ashley Chubrik, and I am excited to share a career opportunity that is the perfect fit for military families.  Rodan + Fields is a skincare company that founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields – the doctors who created Proactiv.

You’ve heard of Proactiv, right?

Well, what they did for acne they are now doing for aging and sun damaged skin – the biggest piece of the skincare pie!  They started out selling in high end retail stores like Nordstrom – where they were the #1 clinical skincare brand – but have recently changed to a direct to consumer model in order to reach more people.


Now, forget everything you’ve heard about direct selling in the past – hosting parties, stocking inventory, delivering products – this is a whole new wave of network marketing!  This business is harnessing the power of relationship marketing to transform the direct selling channel.  All you need is a computer and a cell phone and you are in business, which is just one of the many reasons why it is such a great option for military families on the go.  Let me highlight a few others…

This is a business that moves with you

Again, all you need is a phone and a computer and you are up and running!  You can even run your business overseas as long as you have an APO address.  In this business, moving is actually an advantage because you are constantly connecting with new people.  It’s all about who you know!

This business can flex with your needs

As your life changes, you can adjust your hours accordingly.   During those busy times you can turn your hours down, then turn them up again as your schedule allows.  All the while you can still be building a team that will bring you consistent residual income.

This is a great resume building opportunity

If you’re taking time off to stay home with the kids, settle in after a move, etc.  Even if this is not your “be-all-end-all” career, it’s a great way to keep yourself in the game and your skills sharp.

This can be another income stream for you in retirement

Once you build your team, you will continue to have residual income coming in.  You basically do the work once and continue to get paid for years to come!

These are just a few of the many reasons why this business is perfectly suited for military families.  And I’ll give you one last thing to think about:  timing is everything.

Imagine if you were offered the chance to join the team when they created Proactiv…  

Ashley Chubrik


Rodan + Fields is still in the very early stages­­ of growth and many markets are untouched, which makes this a great time to get in on the ground floor.  There are so many talented military spouses out there who want to contribute to the work force and still be there to support their family, and this is the perfect way to do just that!

I would love to chat further about this opportunity and invite you to contact me through one of my websites:  ashleychubrik.myrandf.com or ashleychubrik.myrandf.biz.  Wishing you all a fabulous 2013!



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