Plans Were Made to be Scrapped

lifeplanOut of habit when a life changing event presents itself, we tend to try and plan. We can’t help it, it just happens. We become so excited (or scared depending on what the change is!) that we automatically begin to picture how the future is going to be.

Often times, we end up with a great lesson on how to expand our horizons. To look past our plans and embrace whatever may come our way.

When I found out that I was expecting again, I immediately began thinking about holding this sweet little girl in my arms as soon as I could. Accordingly, I had a birth plan – of some type. I knew that I wanted an epidural and I knew that I wanted the baby in my arms after my husband cut her cord.

Then came the weekly ultrasounds – due to being a high risk pregnancy.

31 weeks – breech.

32 weeks – breech.

33 weeks – breech.

34 weeks – breech.

35 weeks – still breech.

Then the words uttered from my doctor’s mouth just made my heart sink. “You might have to get used to the idea that you’ll have to have a c-section.”

That’s not part of my plan!

Aside from not being a fan of surgery, how am I supposed to hold her right away when I’m on the operating table being stitched back up? I’ve waited too long to hold my precious baby to have that taken away from me. Then there’s also the fact that I know how a regular delivery goes, I’m familiar with that. Now I have to go through a whole new experience that is just nerve wracking to me.

But sometimes we just have to adapt and overcome and welcome these changes into our life plan and expand our experiences into new ones.

We see this frequently in our time as a milspouses –

  • Moving to a new duty station rarely goes as planned
  • We may not be pleased with our new assignment location
  • We frequently have difficulties finding a new job at a new location

But with a little bit of an open mind and creative outlook on the situation we are in, a change of plans is not a bad thing. We need new experiences so we can continue to learn and grow.

While I’m still hoping that this little girl flips around, I know that the end result will be her in my arms. How she gets there won’t matter too much after I get to hear her sweet cry for the first time.


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