PCS Resources, Websites Military Spouses Need to Know

PCS Resources

We know that there’s tons of information out there as far as PCSing goes, but who has the time to dig through the interwebs to find them all?


Here’s a quick reference list of where to go to find out what you need to know…

All About Your PCS Shipment

Curious about how to estimate how much your stuff weighs or how much stuff (weight wise) you can ship? Check out Move.mil’s weight allowance section to find current weight allowance tables and a weight estimator.

Not sure what to do with your car (aka POV)?

Check out Move.mil’s POV page to learn about how to ship or store your car, where to find the closest DMV, and how to import and export your car.  Oh, and where to track your car in transit.

Confused about a PCS binderIn short, yes, you need one. Go do it. Go do it now. The same can be said for a home inventory list.

Got guns? Make sure you move them the right way by checking out Move.mil’s Firearms resource page.  Remember, each state has it’s own firearms regulations, don’t find yourself in breach of law. Want a gun? Here are 10 things to ask yourself before packing heat.

Did anything get damaged in your move? What do you do next?

Move.mil has a resource page to help direct you through the claims process.

Start the PCS House Hunt

Everybody breathes easier when you’ve got your next home lined up.  Here are the resources you need to get your next home set up ASAP!

Official branch pages for housing

ArmyNavy/Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard

Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN)

AHRN is the largest, most preferred and trusted housing resource to help you find your next home. It has special functionality just for us military folk (BAH search, school info, housing profile to match desired housing and averages of rents in the area).

Concerned about safety? Always take time to do hardcore online research before signing a lease.

Do you own a home and need to rent it out?

If you’re a homeowner that needs to rent out your home or if you’re just looking for a home to rent that’s military friendly, check out Military By Owner.  They even have a nifty iPhone app to help you shop while you’re on the go!

Show Me the Money: PCS Entitlements

Our staff writer Kara pretty much covered the money trail in her article PSCing? Show me the money but just in case you missed it, here’s where you need to go to track down the extra cash you get when in PCS mode: DFAS PCS Entitlements Page.

How much BAH or OHA do we receive at our next assignment?

Stateside Moves (CONUS)

When it comes to stateside moves you definitely need to check out this BAH Calculator.  If you’re moving to a high-cost of living area (COLA) like NYC, you might qualify form stateside COLA as well.  Check the current stateside COLA rates here.

Overseas Moves (OCONUS)

Overseas BAH is called OHA and there’s typically some COLA involved, too.  Some locations even have a utilities allowance (UA) like England.  Check out the OHA Calculator and COLA Calculator.  It’s good to note that COLA fluctuates monthly, so don’t rely on this income as part of your living budget.

Health Care Resources as You PCS

According to Tricare, moving with your health insurance is easy-peasy. Check out their Moving page here.

If you are an EFMP family, PCSing does bring some extra challenges though. Check out our checklist for EFMP families with children on the Autism spectrum.   Military OneSource has a page dedicated to EFMP resources to guide you as well.

PSC Miscellany

Did we miss any other essential resources?  Share them with us below!


  1. […] A lot of great military-related organizations have templates you can use to help you get started. For example, AHRN.com released their 2015 PCS Toolkit recently. I’ve also used Military.com’s PCS checklist and Military OneSource’s moving section. NextGen MilSpouse also pulled some additional resources you should bookmark for your move. […]


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