Paid Writing Gigs with NextGen MilSpouse


We’re excited to announce that NextGen MilSpouse is looking for bloggers to write paid posts for April, May and June!

Paid Writing Gigs with NextGen MilSpouse

We’re looking for articles surrounding our April theme, Green is New Black.

We are looking for articles surrounding the topics of military children, Earth Day and money. Article ideas include (but are not limited to):

  • How military families can spend less and save money
  • How to make your military house more green
  • How to make your PCS more green
  • Which college degrees will lead to higher wages for military spouses
  • Plans to reduce student debt
  • When your work-life balance is out of balance
  • Saving for retirement when you’re self employed

Springing forward to May, we are currently accepting submissions for articles related to the theme, Not Your Momma’s MilSpouse.

How is military life different than it was 20 years ago? 40 years ago? What are the unique challenges and benefits for today’s military spouse? What are practical solutions for those challenges and problems? And don’t forget about PCS tips, tricks and checklists.

Here are few ideas to spark your brainstorming:

  • How to PCS-proof your career
  • How to start a nonprofit organization
  • Is Kickstarter the best way to fund your start-up?
  • I was a surrogate and you should be too.
  • Traveling for work when you’re in solo parent mode
  • Is being a military spouse a sacrifice?

Finally, we get to June and its theme of We Are OneMilFam.

June is Military PRIDE Month. We are looking for articles that celebrate the diversity of today’s modern military and aim for unity, not division. Article ideas? We don’t want to limit you … so send them in. We want articles that truly embrace a fresh and modern perspective on today’s military spouse.

We accept 4 contributions for each month but will also notify you if your pitch fits into a future spot on our editorial calendar. Posts must be original and not written and published on your blog or another site. Your 800- to 1,200-word post must be submitted in edited form. Please review our writers guidelines before submitting a post.

If your submission is selected, we’ll email the details in a follow-up email. All published submissions are paid $15 per post.

Send your articles to NextGen MilSpouse Content Editor Michelle Volkmann at michelle<at>msbnewmedia<dot>com.

Let’s get this party started.


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