Paid Writing Gigs with NextGen MilSpouse for April & May!

Write for nextgenWe’re excited to announce that NextGen MilSpouse is looking for bloggers to write paid posts for April & May! We’re looking for post ideas surrounding our April theme, Make it Rain, including articles surrounding the how to be successful in your relationships, finances, career, and personal growth and well-being. We are also looking for articles that discuss issues related to raising military children, navigating parenting as a dual income family, successful PCS strategies, and personal stories of success in career and small business.

We are accepting 4 contributions for each month but will also notify you if your pitch fits into a future spot on our editorial calendar. Posts must be original and not written and published on your blog or another site. We may have multiple people submit the same idea, and in that case we will go with the first qualified person to submit the post idea. Your post must be submitted in edited form. The pay for a post of 400 words with photo/s plus sharing a link to your post on your social profiles is $15 if you are assigned. You will get submission details in a follow up email if selected.


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