Our Favorite Tweets from #HomefrontRising


May is a crazy busy month for military spouses everywhere. For about a quarter of us, we are in the middle of a PCS. We are either prepping for the truck to arrive, deciding what to pack and what to toss before a DITY or crossing our fingers before shipping our cars OCONUS.

This week is especially busy for military spouses. Many of you (including our founder Adrianna Domingos-Lupher) are trekking to Washington, D.C., this week for several really awesome milspouse events: Military Spouse of the Year on May 8 and the AMPA National Gala on May 9.

But before those two events, the movers and shakers in our military spouse community attended Homefront Rising.

Our 10 Favorite Tweets from #HomefrontRising
Credit: Homefront Rising

Homefront Rising is co-hosted by In Gear Career for Military Spouses and the Military Spouse JD Network. It’s a non-partisan event that

trains military spouses to engage in the political process from City Hall to Congress. Military spouses who attend Homefront Rising learn how to change the political conversation by becoming a voice of influence and serving in public office.

Did you attend Homefront Rising? Maybe you ran into NextGen MilSpouse staff writers, Amanda Patterson Crowe, Rachel Tringali Marston and Jo.

This year, we followed the action via Twitter and turned green with jealousy for those of you who attended the event.

Here are our 10 favorite tweets from Homefront Rising.

Are you a milspouse interested in running for public office or getting involved in local political campaigns? What steps have you or are you planning on taking to get started?


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