Still Searching for Your One Word for 2017? Stop Looking and Steal Ours

Looking for your one word for 2017? Consider stealing one of these words.

“What’s your one word for 2017?”

This was a text message from my sister that popped up on my iPhone while I was making spaghetti, yelling at the kids to shut off that TV and kicking myself for not buying paper plates at the commissary that morning. All the plates in our house were dirty. Again.

“Huh?” I typed back.

“You know your one word for the year. You do it every year. And it’s already Jan. 2.”

How about “done” since that’s how I’m feeling about my service member’s current deployment?

How about “listen” since my children’s ears stopped working during the winter break?

How about “forget” since I keep forgetting to make New Year’s resolutions to help me achieve my goals?

But seriously, what one word should I chose to focus on for the next 12 months?

I learned about the My One Word un-resolution at a Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) meeting 4 years ago. A mother and military spouse was speaking about the importance of picking a word that represented what you wanted to create, be or do in the new year. It’s a way to envision what you want and then find ways to work toward it. That one word is your identity for the next year.

Having trouble picking your one word for the new year?

Me too. (See sarcastic answers above.)

Have you ever thought about stealing – I mean borrowing – a friend’s one word? It’s what lazy smart people do when they want a good one word but they don’t have time to brainstorm one for themselves.

Looking for your one word for 2017? Consider stealing one of these words.

Looking for your one word for 2017? Consider stealing one of these words.

Flow. “No longer trying to control the uncontrollable. Especially with my career. Just going with the flow to see where it takes me,” said Michele from MadSkills.

Going with the flow isn’t easy for anyone. For some of us, we might feel like we don’t have any choice but to float along with the unexpected waters. In 2017 Michele is focused on being open to new opportunities and accepting that she can’t control everything in her career.

If you like the word “flow” you may want to also consider tide, wave, succession, progression, advance or progress.

Beginning. “It’s a word that popped out to me, and one of its synonyms is ‘birth’ and we are having a baby this year! Seemed pretty fitting!,” said Tiffany from Seeing Sunshine.

Even if you aren’t pregnant, beginning might be calling your name this year. Are you starting a new job? Are you enrolling at a new university? Or you beginning a new chapter of your life? For example, your service member may be separating from military service in 2017 so you are beginning your post-military life together.

If you like the word “beginning” you may want to consider opening, kickoff, dawn, forward, new or launch.

Action. Ryan from the Military Wallet said he selected the one word “action” for this reason,

“I tend to think too much, and not do enough. Now I’m trying to let go and ship things, even if they aren’t perfect. I’ve let too many opportunities go by simply by trying to figure out the perfect answer/response/opportunity/fill-in-the-blank.

So I want to take more action.

This is a good follow up to last year’s word: Less. Less stress, less worry, less stuff, fewer obligations. I did well with that. Now I need to take action on those things that are most important.”

One year I picked “done” as my one word. This word served as a reminder that “done is better than perfect.” Like Ryan, I often don’t finish projects because I don’t have time to make them perfect (or what I think is perfect) so in my case, they are left unfinished. Does unfinished help me or anyone else? Nope.

If you like the word “action” you may want to consider finish, complete, act, achieve or accomplish.

Love. “I want to focus on showing love and doing things I love,” said Pamela at The Coastie Couple.

I love her choice. Our world, our community and our families could all use a little more love this year.

If you like the word “love” you may want to consider joy, appreciation, friendship, passion, gratitude, smile, accept or praise.

Jump. NextGen MilSpouse regular contributor Meg said she is “jumping into a totally new way of living, and it’s scary.” The new way of living includes a new baby coming soon, a possible career change in the near future and changes for her website, MilKids Education Consulting.

If you like the word “jump,” you may want to consider soar, rise, hurdle, surge, or ascend.

What’s my one word for 2017?

Spend. I have at least 3 major (read expensive) events planned for 2017. I want to remain debt-free so I’m carefully planning my spend money now so I can spend later on my sister’s wedding, our Disney vacation and a family reunion in Germany. This year I want to spend money on experiences that mean the most to me. I want to spend less on impulse items. And I want to spend time together reconnecting as a family and as a couple.

If that doesn’t work, I can always revert to “forget.”

Unless of course, I forget to make “forget” my one word.

What’s your one word for 2017? Share it in the comments along with why you decided to pick this word.



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