How To Watch The 2018 Winter Olympics Without Cable

How To Watch The 2018 Winter Olympics Without Cable

When my husband and I cut the cable cord after our last PCS, I was worried. How would I watch my beloved TV? Thanks to a combination of streaming site subscriptions (Hiiii Netflix and HBOGo, I need my “Game of Thrones” after all), I was fine.

I didn’t miss it, until now.

Why now?


Sorry, I get excited.

You see, I LOVE the Olympics. Summer Olympics. Winter Olympics. Doesn’t matter. They are both AMAZING. I love seeing all of the countries in the Opening Ceremony. I love discovering new sports. I love cheering for underdogs.

But without cable, how do I watch it all? It’s really the main downside of not having a cable package – sports are difficult to watch.

That’s where some very excellent news comes in for me, and you too if you cut the cord: AAFES.

Yes, your favorite place to shop on post (besides the commissary, obviously), has a great deal for service members and veteran families – STREAMING the Olympics. For FREE.

Yes, I said free.

So whether you cut the cable like I did or you’re living OCONUS and have to hear that iconic Olympics theme song from NBC, AAFES has you covered.

Here’s how you can watch:

  1. If you haven’t already, set up an account with They will ask for your veteran or service member’s information (the usual Social Security number and date of birth), then you can create an account. If you already have one (or your spouse does) be sure to have the login information handy, e.g. email and password.
  2. Download the NBC Sports app to your mobile device or tablet. Watching on your computer? Bookmark Both will allow you to live-stream events or watch on demand. They will also have highlights and video features.
  3. Starting February 6, which is 2 days before the games begin, and NBC Sports app will list the Exchange as an authorized service provider alongside your standard Comcast, Dish, and other cable and satellite dish companies. They advise you to have the latest version of the NBC Sports app and then select Exchange as your service provider. You’ll then be prompted to login with your account.
  4. Voila! You’re ready to watch the games!

Now here’s my pro-tip: you’re going to need to remember your log in beyond the initial time that you log in. I have an Apple TV and it routinely asks me to reauthorize apps, so be prepared for that to happen on mobile and your desktop. It’s totally normal, don’t curse at your screen, just follow the steps and the Olympics will be back on in no time.

A couple other disclaimers from the powers that be, aka NBC/AAFES: if your service member is deployed, this may not work depending on their internet. And it definitely won’t work if they are on a ship. So if that is your service member’s situation, warn them in advance.

It also does not work on streaming apps, like AppleTV or Roku, which is a bummer. But to watch it on the big screen plug your computer into your TV or connect your screen via bluetooth (if you can), so you can see the action on your TV.

Is this really free? Yes. 100%

We don’t lie to you here at NextGen MilSpouse and if there was a cost we’d tell you. Scout’s honor.

If you have a virtual reality device, some of the coverage (more than 50 hours according to NBC) will be available if you own one of these devices that supports the NBC Sports app. This sounds awesome, I don’t have a VR device, but if you do please tell me how awesome it is. Or send me one for my birthday which is on the day the games begin. I will love you forever.

And that friends, is all that you need to know. Happy watching!



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