NextGen MilSpouse’s Top 10 Posts of 2014

2014 has been an amazing year for NextGen MilSpouse and we are so excited to get started on an even better 2015. But before we do, let’s check out our top ten posts of 2014 in no particular order!

Top 10 Posts of 2014


1. Are You In On the 52 Week Money Challenge?

If you love to save all-year long this one is for you!

2. Dear Military Spouse on the iPhone

A tear jerker for sure and a roll-over from 2013! You guys really love this post!

3. Is Their Truth Behind the Myth of the Dependapotamus?

This is the post that never dies. Did you know dependapotamus is one of our top search terms from search engines?

4. Spouse Shaming: Shut Up, You Don’t Serve

After reading this piece you won’t have any doubts about using your voice in defense of the military community.

5. I’m a Dad, Not a Babysitter

Well, obviously. Right? A wonderful read from one of our dude milspouses.

6. My Ovaries are Only for Show, Thanks for Asking

Melissa Renahan (1978-2014), one of our new voices of 2014, definitely spoke for our child-free (and loving it) military spouses. We miss you, Melissa. We miss you.

7. Is the All-Volunteer Force All Volunteered Out?

This was a hot and heavy topic in our military community this year. Still relevant. Still worth the read.

8. The Smart Military Spouse’s Guide to Sending Sexy Photos

Because you know you’ve thought about doing it…you better do it right.

9. 16 GIFs that Capture our Military Spouse Love-Hate Relationship with Direct Sales

Come on…it’s hilarious. We love it. We hate it. But the we want to order a candle, that cute nail pattern…that minuscule rolling pin.

10. What Booting DumBell Fitness
Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam  Really Says About Military Spouse Employment

First of all, for all you fitness resolvers out there…get hooked up with DumBell Fitness. Secondly, the hypocrisy concerning the support for military spouse employment and opportunity surrounding this whole situation was enraging. “We’re not gonna take it!”



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