NextGen MilSpouse Founder Recognized as #WHChamps

Adrianna Domingos-Lupher, CEO of MSB New Media and publisher of NextGen MilSpouse will be recognized as a White House Champion of Change this week.

It’s pretty awesome, right? Seriously awesome.

Here’s Adrianna’s reaction to her nomination:

Adrianna and Michelle of NextGen MilSpouse at BlogHer 2014.
Adrianna Domingos-Lupher, Creator of NextGen MilSpouse (left) and Michelle Volkmann, Managing Editor (right) at BlogHer ’14.

I’m so excited to finally share that I’m being recognized as a White House Champion of Change! I’m humbled and honored to represent our military spouse community as an entrepreneur and agent of change. Although I feel that my work is just beginning, I look forward to being an ambassador for today’s generation of military spouses.

Thank you to Josie Beets for taking the time to nominate me. I pledge to continue to build and foster a space that empowers military spouses to dare greatly and support each other because we are stronger together.

Thank you to my amazing MSB New Media team for trusting me to lead us through these first few years. To my co-founder and business partner, Carmen Grant, thank you for trusting me with our vision. Thank you for saying “why not” with me.

Krystel Hudson-Spell, thank you for trusting your name and your brand with us. Thank you for your professionalism and your willingness to take a chance on two newbies to the milspouse blogging scene.

Team NextGen MilSpouse…we’re changing the conversation each and every day. Nobody knows that you all worked for virtual high fives and atta-teams for just about a year before we could pay you. Thank you for your dedication, your trust in our vision, and, most of all, your words.

Thank you to Maritza Domingos, Kristen Marie Sharber, and Amanda Crowe for having my back and being my back up. My girls couldn’t have more amazing women showing them how a real village raises powerful girls.

Thanks to my Dad, Joseph Domingos for the one phrase that drives me, day in and day out, “if you’re going to do something, do it all the way or not at all”. And thanks for being the Dad that said that my number one priority is to be wholly self-sufficient and independent. (But of course, I got married.)

Which leads me to my final thanks.

My biggest thanks. Thank you to my Homeskillet, my Partner-in-Crime, my husband, Michael Lupher who never once doubted my ability to succeed. Thank you for showing my girls what a real partnership looks like. Thank you for being a true partner. Oh, and thank you for letting me document our lives on the internet. I really wish you could be there with us this week. I love you.

Here’s to going even further…empowering even more military spouses…

Because the last thing we are is dependent.


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