NextGen MilSpouse Blogger Spotlight: Ms. MommyHH6

Who is Ms. MommyHH6?raven

Name: Raven W. Green
Military Branch Affiliation: Army
Years as a Military Spouse: 10 (also a Navy Brat)
Children: (ages)  Danica, 6   aka Blondie and Delayna, 3 aka Ginger
Blog Name: Live, Love & Learn with Ms. MommyHH6

Quick Bio

Raven—AKA Ms. MommyHH6—is an Army wife of 10 years, mother of two beautiful little miracle girls, freelance writer, special needs advocate, avid book reader, social media/tech/Apple geek, and aspiring author. Awards include “Top 25 Military Mom Blogs 2012 by Circle of Moms” and “Fort Lee Military Spouse of the Year 2013 by Military Spouse Magazine”.

Bases you have lived:  Fort Hood, Fort Lee and soon to be Fort Carson


Ms. MommyHH6 on Blogging


What’s Ms. MommyHH6 all about?

The focus on her blog Ms. MommyHH6 is moms, especially military moms, and special needs moms. There is a weekly profile on a special needs mom, military spouse or spouse business owner. Product and book reviews are also a weekly staple. Topics covered on a rotating basis are Cooking Simply, Cleaning & Laundry Tips, Organizing for Home & Life, Children’s Activities, Just for Mom, Special Needs Family Tips, and Military Life “Simplified”.

Why do you blog?

To bring together my love of writing, my experiences and passions as a special needs parent and military spouse.  I hope to make this a full-time career and branch out to editing, write a book and more.

How long have you blogged? 

My current blog is almost a year old.

Do you write or blog elsewhere?

Mom– Spot,, Military OneSource, Homefront United Network, Spec Ed Advisor, Lucky KAT TV, Military Special Needs Network, Mom It Forward and more.

Best/Worst aspect of blogging?

Best– I have met some fabulous friends and made connections, found writing opportunities  and been able to work at home.

Worst-  Having patience with trying to make your blog profitable. I have such high expectations and goals that it is hard to have months with no income.

Advice to new bloggers:   Network, ask questions, ask for advice from bloggers YOU love.  Find a mentor and listen to their advice.

Favorite Blog/Blogger:  Army Wife 101, Mom-Blog, Resourceful Mommy

Favorite Blog website/network/etc.: NextGen MilSpouseTop  Mom Blogger , Bloggy Moms

Best tip for bloggers: Be unique, focus on branding yourself and be flexible.

Jobs other than blogging:

Advice for new military spouse?  Make your own path. Find a hobby, a career or do volunteer work.  Your husband will deploy and be absent.  You need your own identity and feel accomplished/fulfilled WHILE you support him.

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