My Rock Star MilSpouse Mom

MomBy Rachel Tringali of The Professional Army Wife

I have a rock star mom…literally! Before she met my dad, she was the lead singer and guitarist of an awesome band playing at a venue in Japan. My dad was a handsome young airman that just swept my mom off her feet. As the story goes, they fell madly in love and on January 8, 1983, my mother became a military spouse.

Looking back at all the things my mom experienced, I honestly have no idea how she did it. She sacrificed so much to be with the man she loved (her band shortly disbanded once she got married). I never thought that I could be capable of doing that in my own life. As a mother, she held a full-time job, took care of me and of my dad too! Along with all that, she had to deal with all the emotions that came with separation when my dad left. To me, she was super mom.

When I was growing up, I was determined to make my own decisions, set my own goals – and that I definitely wanted to stay away from the military lifestyle. I truly valued the life the military gave me, but I was ready to move on. My parents were very supportive and my mom in particular was very encouraging (and still is today!). She taught me the importance of feeling fulfilled and to take pride in all the choices that you make in life. So, I decided to attend college in New York City and pursue a career that I was passionate about.

Well, sometimes life leads you in unpredictable directions. Up until I was 24 years-old, everything was going as planned: I graduated college, started an amazing career and felt independent for the first time ever.

Then, I met my soldier.

During our time dating, I knew he was the one, which freaked me out beyond belief because I also knew what kind of life being with him would give me! Without him though, I felt incomplete and I loved him so much. I am, after all, striving for self-fulfillment.

I turned to my rock star mom for guidance. She is, in fact, a seasoned veteran. What do I do? How do I keep it together? What can I expect? So many questions were looming in my mind.


I started to evaluate my mom’s life in a deeper level, not as her military child, but now as a woman in love with a military man. Besides motivating me to become the woman I am, she’s also taught me how to share my life and what it takes to be a partner in a successful relationship.

As long as you have lots of love, understanding and willingness to compromise, especially in a military relationship, things will surely fall into place. ~ Rachel’s Mom

One thing is for sure, it takes a very strong woman to be a military spouse, and thanks to my mom, I can safely say I’m slowly building my strength as a newbie military spouse.

To that end, happy mother’s day to an amazing mom and devoted military spouse!

RachelTringaliheadshotRachel Tringali is a newly minted Army wife to an amazing soldier and daughter to a USAF retiree. Rachel’s family settled in Texas and that’s where she calls home. After growing up in Texas, Rachel continued her education in New York City where she earned her BA in Communication Studies. She currently resides in the Big Apple, where she works as a PR coordinator. Rachel started her writing career at a local newspaper and interned at several national and local magazines, and now writes for herself on The Professional Army Wife where she shares her experiences with others as she integrates to Army life. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter!




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