My Love/Hate Relationship with Summer

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Camp is over. It was only a week long. Now I find myself sitting, googling, wikipedia-ing. Summer makes me realize how possible it is to love and hate simultaneously.

  • I love that my husband is home from deployment. I hate that he leaves his toe nail clippings on the coffee table.
  • I love going to the beach. I hate that everyone else loves going to the beach too.


  • I love taking my kids to camp. I hate that camp starts earlier than school.
  • I love that the sun stays out longer. I hate that the sun stays out longer.
  • I love wearing shorts and dresses. I hate wearing shorts and dresses around younger childless women.
  • I love the first week of summer vacation. I hate summer vacation by week 4. Is it the end of August yet?
  • I love watching my kids grow. I hate that they keep bumping their heads when getting out of the car because they misjudge how tall they really are.
  • I love having air conditioning. I hate being stuck inside my house because its too hot to go outside.

Summer…So many things to look forward to when its winter and spring.

Summer…3 weeks of it is usually enough for me.

How are you all spending your summers?


  1. I had a good laugh!! That is awesome!!! I can totally hear it being read in a a monotonous tone….LOL


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