Let Me Tell You About My Husband’s Mistress

Let Me Tell You About My Husband's Mistress

by Makinzy Bond, Guest Contributor

Let Me Tell You About My Husband's Mistress

We have a relationship…One full of love and hate, highs and lows.

Many people have no idea how I can even tolerate having her in our lives, but they have never had to deal with a mistress like her either.

I learned I can either fully embrace her or let her ruin my family.

Let me tell you about her dark side….

She will rip my husband away for weeks. Over birthdays and holidays without even taking a blink. She keeps him gone until all hours of the night and has him out of our house before the sun even rises in morning.

Sometimes I can tell by the look in his eye that she wore him down to his core that day because his aura turns weary and he comes home to ME and I have to deal with it. She has caused fights and tears on more occasions then I can count on all my fingers and toes.

She is the reason the warm meal I managed to muster together at the end of a long day, turns cold and sits waiting for my husband.

My kids have never known life without her. They are slowly learning her presence in our home, and unlike me, they will never know how things could be any different without her constantly consuming outer lives.

She nags him…

When she calls my husband runs straight into her arms without question and I just nod my head in silence and complete understanding. She is everything I am not, so how do I even compete?

Let me tell you about her good side…

She also had a side I cannot deny. She is persistent and oddly enough, as much as I want to ignore it at times, she loves my family.

She, through my husband, provides us with food in our tummies, some of the best doctors in our area and a beautiful home over our heads.

She makes my husband come home every day grateful to kiss his beautiful babies and she makes him love me in a way that someone who isn’t courting a third person in their marriage couldn’t even begin to imagine. She forces us to constantly look around at each other and be thankful for that very moment we are in because we know we are on her time.

She has introduced me to some of my very best friends…

She stepped in at a time when I was at my weakest and knew I needed support and connected us…Connected us through her.

She is our favorite person to talk about when we all get to sit around the coffee table together, because oddly enough, every other woman sitting there has a form of her in their lives as well. She comes cloaked in so many different forms, it’s nice to hear other woman talk about their opinions on her and how she affects their marriages and everyday lives.

I have yet to meet a friend who has chosen to separate her from their marriage.

We have all talked about it, more often then I’m sure we would all publicly admit, but she offers to much good to walk away from.

She is stability.

Deep down she makes my husband truly happy.

She makes us all safe, literally and figuratively. Everyone knows her, just not on the personal level that very few of us do.

I will never be ashamed to claim her in our lives.

Let me tell you about my husband’s mistress…

She is the 6th member of our family.

She is the Air Force.

Carla Makinzy Bond Carla Makinzy Bond is a stay-at-home mom of 3 children. She is married to her amazing high school sweetheart and she hails from Texas but is currently stationed in Oklahoma.




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